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This Self-Taught Baker Takes Inspiration from Nature and Her Assamese Roots to Paint Art into Her Cakes and Bakes – Meet Pari Hazarika “The Baker Girl”

  Food holds a special place in our hearts – for so many different reasons. For those of us who are away from home, it reminds us of our home and our folks back home; for some, there are memories attached to some special treats – and for most, we simply love to eat as nothing comes close to the feeling of comfort that only good food can provide.  Our guest today from Assam – Pari Hazarika, who goes by the name “The Baker Girl”, also shares a special bond with food. It was during some trying times in her life that she went back to her love for baking and painting – as a way to nourish both her body and soul. Growing up, she used to love watching baking shows on TV and practicing her cooking skills back at home in Assam. So going back to her childhood love helped heal her, and sparked a new excitement in her life. So here we are, with Pari “The Baker Girl” from Assam, as we chat …


Turning The Mundane Into Something Insane and Outrageous | Meet Self-Taught Digital Artist Onen

Today’s artist is a digital artist-cum-engineer who goes by the name of “Mr.Brightside” whose weird, twisted yet profound sketches is a reflective exploration of the human state – physical and mental. His art stands out from the multitude of other artists due to its accented uniqueness and inventiveness which enthralls and unnerves all at the same time. Onen’s works are multi-faceted and open ended to the point of debate. It embodies a sense of existential vagueness that instinctively entices the feral remnants of our collective primate heritage. Our contributor Jungio chats with the self- taught digital artist about his transition from drawing cartoon characters as a kid – to diving into the dark and surreal inspired by Japanese art and culture, current art scene in Nagaland and more. Tell me a little about yourself? My name is Bendangonen Atsongchanger but I go by the name of Mr. Brightside :D.  I am 25 years of age from Mokokchung, Nagaland and currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer engineering from Pune. How would you describe your art? What or …


Her Writings are as Sincere and Perfect as Her Illustrations – Meet Lum Shaiza from Manipur

  Sunny and bubbly Lum Shaiza is a face that hardly paints the picture of a pensive writer. And yet, her work tells us a different story. Shaiza does what probably is the most important aspect of writing: she writes lines that articulate thoughts and feelings that readers have lost in their subconscious. Her work helps readers relate to the world around them, and the sentiments contained within them. Here we chat with Lum Shaiza from Manipur to know more about her and her creative pursuits. Hi, Lum Shaiza, introduce yourself. Also, is that your full name? I’m a Tangkhul girl from Ukhrul, Manipur and I’m just two months shy of turning 23. I’ve been living in Pune since I was studying in senior high school. I’m still pursuing an MBA here. I go by a few names, although I like to stick with Lum Shaiza and not my full name. Why? because that’s reserved for when my mom gets really mad at me. That’s when she spits out my full name, Lumyangnao Shaiza! and lightning strikes …