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“Taking Peaceful and Happy Photographs Healed My Depression” – Radiographer and Hobby Photographer R K Vanlaldinpuia From Mizoram

It’s rare but all the more fulfilling when our hobbies turn into a passion. Meet R.K. Vanlaldinpuia, a radiographer by profession, whose love for art and capturing moments led him to take on the camera and pursue photography. He used his hobby and passion as a tool to fight his depression. After going through all the hardships, he learns to face the world with positivity and wishes people to see hope through his photographs. Read on to get to know him better! We had a chat with R.K Vanlaldinpuia, a passionate photographer from Aizawl, Mizoram. He talks about his inspirations, how he finds time for his hobby while working full-time as a radiographer. Hello, RK! Please share a little about yourself with our readers. My name is R.K. Vanlaldinpuia and my friends call me RK or Puia, whichever one you prefer. I’m 26-years-young and right now I’m in Chawngte, Kamalanagar; if you search for the name in Google map you’ll find that it’s on the western border of Mizoram, closer to Bangladesh than Aizawl. I …