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Recipe of ‘Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl’ by Keny Metha

Hey there! We’ve got something special for you todayโ€”a simple recipe from our friend Keny Mehta, who’s based in Kohima. Keny is a true food lover and an amazing cook, and she’s sharing her signature dish with usโ€”a tasty rice bowl with tuna. By the way, we had a fun chat with Keny about her love for food and cooking earlier. You can catch up on it here: [link to interview]. So, let’s jump right into the recipe and learn how to whip up this delicious dish together! “About the dish: Rice is our staple food in Nagaland, and tuna (tinned fish) is easily accessible in any neighborhood local shop. So it is super easy to make. I recommend adding green leafy vegetables as toppings; you can also some creative and healthy ways to garnish this simple dish with local seasonal greens. Do try it, and hope it makes your day a โ€˜lil better with this simple dish ๐Ÿ™‚” ~ Keny Metha Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl by Keny Metha Hey there! We’re updating our recipe …

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Keny Metha from Kohima Talks About Her Obsession with Food and Cooking – and How to Turn Simple Toast into a Yummy Snack

I am here today with Keny Metha from Kohima – a self-confessed lover of all things food and cooking. Her creative hobbies serve as a treasure trove for her friends and followers – to discover new cuisines, cooking styles, and plenty of other creative arts. To me, she comes across as this mysterious being, who is always up to something – usually ‘cooking up’ a new concept/idea. Add to that, her calm energy, one cannot help, but be inspired, whenever we are around her. Over a chat, I try to dig deeper into her love for food and cooking, her sources of inspiration, what kind of music gets her creative juices going – and also get her to share a simple recipe that we can all try out. Read on for the full conversation. Deno: Hey Keny, happy to be having this conversation with you on R&L ๐Ÿ™‚ Please introduce yourself, and tell us more about what keeps you occupied these days. Keny: Heyy… Keny here everyone : ) I’m 24, and I stay in …