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Faces | Life of a College Student in Nagaland by Chovoni Lophro 

“This photo was taken as part of a promotional campaign for my college, Model Christian College. Although I don’t remember the name of the professional photographer, we took over 30 shots to get this one perfect shot! 😂” “Hello, I’m Chovoni Lophro, a 19-year-old 3rd-semester student at Model Christian College in Nagaland, majoring in Political Science, which has always been my favorite subject. I’ve been a part of the same institution throughout my education, starting from Model Higher Secondary School, where I studied from grade A until my 12th. After that, I joined Model Christian College, which is also part of the same institution. As a college student, my days are quite busy with a set routine. I have classes every day from 9:40 am to 3:20 pm, which doesn’t leave me much time to help my mom in the mornings. In the evenings, I usually keep myself busy with my studies. However, during my free time, I enjoy doing what I love, such as reading, gaming (my favorite is Mobile Legends), dancing, singing, and …


Faces | Students in Nagaland Busy Studying for Their Mid Term Exams

“My name is Ayudangla, and right now I am busy studying for my mid term exams; we have our Science paper tomorrow. I am a 10th standard student at Christian High School Dimapur.  Our exams started  from 9th March onwards, and will end only on 21st March. So my daily routine right now is study, go write my exams, come back home, change my clothes, get some rest – and back to my books with tea and snacks. I can’t wait for my exams to get over and meet my friends for a street food outing in the evening. Planning to go out on 21st itself right after the exam ends.”


Feeling Nostalgic | School Kids in Thailand on their Last Day of School

  “I was invited by a high school student to click photots on her last day of school  (Yupparaj Wittayalai School in Chiang Mai, Thailand). The students exchange gifts, flowers and photo collages, and take lots of pictures! It was a noisy day with excitement and nostalgia in the air. Overall a beautiful day. Happy to have helped capture those precious moments with their school friends”  ~ Photographer Madan FiveMonkey “We are really excited to be graduating but also sad that we will no longer see each other everyday. Maybe this is our last photo together! :'( “ “Take a picture of the two of us – me holding this big teddy!” “Hey I need one photo with the guys too!” “I think my friend needs some help here – too many gifts!”