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“Painting Has Become My Confessional” An Interview with Self-Taught Artist Sarah from Nagaland

We recently connected with a budding artist from Nagaland, who was just starting her journey into the art world. We were intrigued to gain insight into an artist’s early experiences and thoughts, to explore their creative process in its nascent stages and discover their aspirations for the future of their art. Meet Sarah, a self-taught artist from Dimapur, Nagaland, whose earnest work caught our attention. Over a chat, we talk about her creative theme and process, the challenges that artists encounter when starting out, and her plan to explore socio-political narratives in her future artwork. She also shares how painting has become her confessional. For Sarah, every stroke on the canvas is a humble attempt to learn, accept and grow from every mistake made. R&L: To start off, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, your hobbies etc. Sarah: My Ao (Naga) name is Temjen, but online, I often go by Sarah – a nickname lovingly given to me by my Aba. I pursued both my graduate and post-graduate studies …

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This Young Artist from Nagaland is Winning Hearts and Art Commissions With His Realistic Pencil Portraits | Meet 23-year old Mhademo Shitiri

“It is ok to make mistakes, but it is not ok to give up.” ~ Wise words from 23-year old Mhademo Shitiri from Nagaland. This self-taught artist is famous for his realistic portrait sketches, and has a huge following of devoted admirers. Young Mhademo started drawing as a 5-year old, and today he has fans reaching out to him from as far as Dubai and Singapore. Not only that, he is able to earn a living using his talent and passion. Over a chat, we talk about his early memories of drawing as a young boy, his supportive parents, how his school (Don Bosco, Wokha) played a role in reinforcing his confidence in choosing this path, his most memorable fan message, and more. Read on.. Self-Taught Artist Mhademo Shitiri from Wokha, Nagaland Meribeni: Hi Mhademo, so excited to be having this chat. Huge fan of your work! Please introduce yourself to our R&L readers. Mhademo: I am Mhademo Shitiri, eldest among four siblings. I hail from Old Changsu Village in Nagaland, and I was born …