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This Young Artist from Nagaland is Winning Hearts and Art Commissions With His Realistic Pencil Portraits | Meet 23-year old Mhademo Shitiri

“It is ok to make mistakes, but it is not ok to give up.” ~ Wise words from 23-year old Mhademo Shitiri from Nagaland. This self-taught artist is famous for his realistic portrait sketches, and has a huge following of devoted admirers. Young Mhademo started drawing as a 5-year old, and today he has fans reaching out to him from as far as Dubai and Singapore. Not only that, he is able to earn a living using his talent and passion. Over a chat, we talk about his early memories of drawing as a young boy, his supportive parents, how his school (Don Bosco, Wokha) played a role in reinforcing his confidence in choosing this path, his most memorable fan message, and more. Read on.. Self-Taught Artist Mhademo Shitiri from Wokha, Nagaland Meribeni: Hi Mhademo, so excited to be having this chat. Huge fan of your work! Please introduce yourself to our R&L readers. Mhademo: I am Mhademo Shitiri, eldest among four siblings. I hail from Old Changsu Village in Nagaland, and I was born …