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“I Love Changing the Aesthetic of Mundane Everyday People and Things”- Language Student Kekhriezalie on Exploring Street Photography in Seoul

Kekhriezalie Keretsu went all the way to Seoul from Nagaland, to learn Korean language – a pursuit he is most passionate about. While living in the city as a student, the beautiful landscape and the people of Seoul inspired him to take up photography – which interestingly, also helps him get some extra pocket money to manage his expenses. As a personal style and preference, his photography mostly bends towards street and fashion photography – which compliments his curiosity for learning more about people, culture, fashion, current trends and more. The thing that stands out from most of his photographs is the way he captures the raw essence of people and their surroundings in their barest format. He says he finds beauty in capturing everyday moments that are random and occurs naturally around us. What interests him is the way he is able to capture the beauty of such random events and portray the same to an audience. “My focus tends to shift more towards people who are less distracted by objects. Especially the elderly …