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#Recipe | Quick and Easy Way To Make Manipur’s Favourite Salad Dish “Shingju”

“Shingju” is an all-time favorite salad dish/snack of Manipur. Made with a hearty variety of green vegetables and local spices, it makes for a delicious and healthy accompaniment to your meal, or as a refreshing afternoon or evening snack. Its unique taste is courtesy of the fermented fish which is the main flavor and texture component of this recipe. and of course, king chili, perilla seeds (thoiding in Manipuri), and chickpeas powder also adds their special touch. Shanmi from Imphal shares her version of the famous Manipuriย “Shingju.” Our mouths are watering just looking at the photos! Let’s find out how we can whip up some in our kitchens right away! Full recipe below Shingjuย is a Manipuri salad dish made with easy-to-find ingredients from the kitchen garden – comprising of local vegetables and spices, and fermented fish. Today we learn how to make this popular dish from Manipur. Ingredients: Half a cabbage Green leafy vegetables. Here, we have used the chameleon plant and its roots, onion leaves, pea shoots, wild mint, coriander, etc. 1 cup of …