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Food Blog ‘Gilt Gourmet’ from Nagaland is Introducing Locals to Gourmet Food from Around the World | Meet the Curators – KT and Grace

Before it fills your stomach, good food often serves as a feast for the eyes – and at times, a memorable cooking experience. Today we have Kt & Grace from Dimapur to guide us into their world of gourmet, and their Insta food blog ‘Gilt Gourmet.’ Sisters and best friends, these food curators from Nagaland have been enthusing their followers with their mouth-watering and eye-catching food photos – captured by them while cafe hopping or cooking at home. Their feed serves as an inspiration to go beyond our familiar food zone, and explore new cuisines, which can be just as enticing and comforting as our North Eastern palate. I chat with Kt and Grace to know more about ‘Gilt Gourmet’, their favorite meals, and even get them to share a super simple Italian recipe! Read on. ‘Gilt Gourmet’ curators – Kt & Grace from Dimapur, Nagaland Deno: Welcome to R&L! Please introduce yourself to our readers. KT & Grace: Weโ€™re two sisters and go by the name Kt & Grace. Growing up, our love for …


Two Sisters from Kohima are Reinventing Embroidery and Crochet Crafts under Their Brand ‘Ira Homespun’

The pandemic is taking a toll on humans around the world. So it is indeed encouraging to know that this downtime has given many the free time and will to pick up a hobby or start a home venture. Reading about, or talking to such enterprising folks, has given me ample reasons to see the silver lining during this time of gloom. I hope these stories will inspire you too. Very recently, I came across a hobby venture by two sisters Nulevino and Vitsino from Kohima called ‘Ira Homespun.’ These soft-spoken and talented siblings create all sorts of handmade goodies – from embroidered tote bags, to wall pieces to crochet dolls and pretty face masks – with their signature aesthetic of cute. I had a chat with them to know more about what they do full-time, how they picked up their talent (apparently they have a creative mom who has taught them most of their crafts), their future plans, and more. Scroll below to know more about the talented Iralu Sisters and their hobby venture …

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A Chat with Pelenuo Yhome – The Architect from Nagaland with a Musical Soul

  “Will you go with me to the ends of the earth.Where we will build a story, a story that will last” ~ An excerpt from Pelenuo’s song You feel a certain kind of ease and calm when listening to Pelenuo’s song ‘Build A Story’, her first single. We catch up with this architect fromย Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangaloreย to talk about her foray into music and how she got started. Hi Pelenuo, say something about yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ My name is Pelenuo, and I am from Nagaland. I am an architect graduate fromย Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore. So I am home now in Nagaland working as an architect/interior designer in Dimapur. Besides my work, I also loveย food, sneakers ( I like walking and sneakers are the best shoes ever!) ย and of course music!ย Iโ€™m a fan of singer, Taya Smith and my favourite genre is country music. Those that follow the north-east music scene on Instagram, would most probably ย have heard of Jonathan Yhome. Heโ€™s my younger brother and he plays …