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In Conversation With “Red Light Passengers” – A North Eastern Pop Rock Band Based Out Of Delhi

The future belongs to the youths of today – and the leaders of tomorrow are the ones who are doing something within their reach to make a positive impact. In this world of unlimited access, we are empowered in so many ways to be heard and be seen. All we need is a heart filled with passion, and dedicated hard work towards championing our cause and spread the message. We can use art, music, stories, and more to get started.. Today we are talking music – and how it can empower one to champion their cause(s). Music can communicate in powerful ways. It can bring about awareness, enlighten and inspire, and connect like-minded listeners from all over. Today we have a band from North East India, who are doing their bit through their music, to bring about positive change. With the vision to bring hope to the society through their music, โ€œRed Light Passengersโ€ came together as a band eight years ago. This band of 7 musicians from Nagaland and Manipur, they are based out …