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“I Always Knew That I’d Work in The Fashion Industry”— Stylist Rishan Shabong from Shillong, Meghalaya

Many of us have different childhood fantasies and dreams that slowly fade as we grow older. We pick up more practical dreams along the way. However, for Rishan Shabong—a stylist and fashion enthusiast from Shillong—working in the fashion industry has always been the dream. And now, he is setting new standards for men’s style and breaking traditional barriers!  Join us as we discuss how he is making waves in the fashion industry as a stylist, dabbling in various other areas of fashion including design, modelling and is also an influencer. Hello Rishan, lovely to have you here. Tell us about yourself! Hey there! My name is Rishan Skhem Shabong, I’m 25-years-old and I am currently based in Bengaluru. I was born and raised in a beautiful town called Shillong! Since I was a young boy, I have always been the black sheep in the family. I guess my affinity to the creative arts distinguished me from the rest. I have always been an avid follower of fashion and always wanted to be in the fashion …


“I Want to Put North East India on The Global Fashion Map” – Fashion Designer Reena Ahanthem from Manipur Talks About Her Fashion Aspirations and Next Moves

Fashion and North East India found each other as though they were always meant to be. Folks from this region and their aesthetics have pretty much guided the fashion direction of the country. With colorful cultures and customs that foster the revival of trends from the past – that are constantly being recycled by the young trendsetters to ensure that design influences from this region stay in vogue for a long long time – and into the future. Fashion designer Reena Ahanthem from Manipur is an exemplary figure whose own style and work seek to revive and reinvent traditional wear from North East India – and manages to put keep them fashionable even in modern times. Born with a natural taste for fashion, she decides to pursue her passion by joining a fashion school, and later teaming up with a friend to start their fashion label “Deepankshi and Reena.” After running the label for almost a decade and dressing many celebrities with their creations, Reena is nor ready to move forward with her own individual …