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Meet Temsuyanger Longkumer – London Based Multimedia Artist from Nagaland, as He Talks About His Naga Roots and The Art Scene in London

โ€œA tree without roots is just a piece of wood.โ€ย  This quote by famous chef Marco Pierre has got us thinking, and we have to admit that there’s indeed a lot of truth to that. Especially at a time and space where creators/artists are trying to outdo each other with new ideas – often with borrowed inspirations that are aplenty. We love creativity of all sorts – no doubt. But the ones that are truly going to stand out and leave an impression are the original works of art – whose ideas come from a place that is pure and deep rooted in the creator’s own origins. That being said, we are truly excited to meet with one such artist from Nagaland – Temsuyanger Longkumer, a multimedia artist based out of London, whose original works of art – mostly created with inspirations from his Naga roots are enchanting London art lovers. This year in April, he held aย solo exhibition “QUINTETTE” at the Standpoint Gallery, London; and his work ‘Tattooed Memory’ was recently acquired by the …