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“Dark Days Will Be Many, But The Sea Will Calm Down and The Sun Will Shine Again”- A Chat with Chirmi Shimray from Manipur, author of “The Sea And I”

Some say that every secret of a writer’s soul is written large in their works. Some say it’s all fiction and a figment of their imagination. Today’s writer from Manipur has a little bit of both in her first ever book to be published “The Sea and I.” A teacher by profession, 26-year-old Chirmi Shimray is a new mom to her 3-month-old son and has always been passionate about writing. The themes of her writings usually revolves around Death, Survival and Freedom, and she says of her book “The Sea and I”, ” It’s mostly fictional except for a chapter called ‘Paradise’ which is based on my real life. I want my readers to dive into the book and just let the book take them over with its mesmerizing vulnerabilities, and also its coldness.”Let’s find out more about Chirmi and her book! A chat with Chirmi Shimray – a passionate writer, full-time teacher, new mom and a published author from Manipur. She talks about her debut book, “The Sea and I” the whole process that …