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“We Hope People Take Away Imagery of Emotions, Peace of Mind and Hope Through Our Music” – A Chat With Indie Artist Subhadra Kamath of ‘The Yellow Bucket’ from Delhi

Another musical gem from Delhi chats with R&L to take us into the widely spreading world of the indie music scene in the country. Today we haveย Subhadra Kamath, a singer-songwriter, bassist and main vocalist of “The Yellow Bucket” from Delhi. She has been singing from a very young age and grew up surrounded by music lovers. She credits her very supportive family, who has given her space and the confidence to pursue her passion for music. She is also a theatre artist andย a music teacher “I also teach music and am deeply interested in learning how to use the arts as a means for self-expression and healing.” Let’s get to know the very fascinating musician and artist Subhadra and her various interests over a quick chat! We chat with the very talented musician Subhadra Kamath as she shares about her indie band “The Yellow Bucket” – an electro-acoustic band from Delhi. Read on to know more about her, the band and their music. Hi Subhadra, so nice to have you with us today! Please introduce …