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The Serious & Soulful Singer/Songwriter from Nagaland – Tokaholi Chishi

Gifted with a flair to write verses and compose melodies, Tokaholi Chishi, is a musician with perfervid passion whose narratives resonate a perfect  balance of singing and story-telling.  We had a chat with Tokaholi to talk about her love for music, her life, and her roots. Hello! Could you tell us briefly about yourself? My name is Tokaholi Chishi and I live in Dimapur. I write songs and I play the acoustic guitar (albeit not very skilfully) , I try to voice out my passion in undulating tunes, just like life- some times high, some times low! What is your process when it comes to composing songs and what kind of genre do you prefer? I like to write, whether it is poetry or a story. I  add melody and soul as mediums to communicate and connect with the listeners. Music serves as a great tool to tell stories, that’s my primary goal and when it comes to a genre there is no fixed style. (independent music would hopefully fit the bill).   When did …