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“I Want People to Discover the Rich Cultural Diversity of Manipur Through my Art” – Chat with Young Artist Arambam Newton Singh

Newton Singh, a civil engineering student and aspiring artist from Manipur, draws inspiration from his cultural roots in his artwork. His passion for portraying the unique culture and traditions of Manipur is evident in his creations. In this interview, we get to know more about Newton, his artistic aspirations, and how his heritage has influenced his work. We chat with Arambam Newton Singh – an engineering student, and an up-and-coming artist from Manipur. His watercolor and pencil art brings to life the many tribes of Manipur. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hi Roots and Leisure! I’mย Arambam Newton Singh, 21, from a small town called Nambol which is in Bishnupur District in Manipur. Iโ€™m currently pursuing in Civil Engineering and in my final year now. I’m a big fan of Star Wars so I have a nickname for myself, Newt Skywalker which I use as my username on social media. What initially sparked your interest in the field of art and how did it all start? Drawing and sketching have been a part …


This Talented Pianist Wants to Enlighten Us on Naga Folk Music and Ethnomusicology | Meet Jaremdi from Nagaland

Music is food for the soul, so they say – and the Nagas are no doubt among the lucky ones who are blessed and with an innate and exceptional talent in this field. Thereโ€™s a musician in almost every household in this part of the country but talent alone does not guarantee success; it needs to be backed sufficiently with persistence and a strong entrepreneurial driveย to create a successful music career. Today we chat with one such lady who has all qualities that can potentially carve an enthralling musical career. Say hi to Jaremdi Wati Longchar from Nagaland, a seasoned pianist, who is working passionately towards a career in ethnomusicology. Hi Jaremdi, tell us something about yourself- your background and your musical journey Hi, I am 29 years old and I am currently based in Dimapur. However, I’ve lived half of my life in Kohima as well, so, I consider myself both a Dimapur and a Kohima girl.I am currently working towards building a career in ethnomusicology, which is basically the study of music in …

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Faces | Mizo Ladies Wearing Traditional “Puan” Wraparound Skirt to a Wedding in Aizawl

“This photo was taken before we headed off to a friend’s wedding in Aizawl, Mizoram. We absolutely love dressing up for weddings, especially in our traditional attire. In the picture, we are wearing “Puan,” which is a traditional Mizo wrap-around skirt, usually handwoven by local weavers. Nowadays, there are many designs and patterns available, so it’s exciting to explore the options. We paired the Puan with formal tops. The tops we are wearing in the photo were designed and made by my best friend and fashion designer, Rini Hlondo (standing on the left, wearing a mint green Puan). The Puan I’m wearing is by Chawndeng Handloom๐Ÿ˜Š” ~ Rebecca Lalthanpuii, Founder of Lush Contouring, Beauty clinic specializing in microblading and lash extensions. Rebecca Lalthanpuii (on the right), founder of Lush Contouring, posing with her designer friend Rini Hlondo (on the left), owner of the Rini Hlondo label.

Young Mom from Nagaland is Trending on Instagram with Her Stylish Traditional Looks | A Chat with “Mekhala Mama”

If you’re following North East Indian fashion on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across “Mekhla Mama” and her super stylish traditional outfits that command attention. At first, we were delighted by her strong sense of individual style. However, as we continued to see her consistently striking looks, our fascination grew and turned to curiosity about the person behind the avatar. We couldn’t help but wonder where she gets her inspiration from, as each style exuded a level of consistency and authenticity that must stem from a personal motivation.ย  So here we are, chatting up with the lady herself to know all about the person behind the face, and to dig deeper into the message she is trying to convey through her “Mekhala Mama” avatar. R&L: Could you share a bit about yourself and what you do? Mekhala Mama:ย  My name is Theyie Keditsu and I was born and brought up in Kohima, Nagaland. I currently teach at Kohima College, Department of English. This will be my 12th year of teaching college. I’ve taught in Pfรผtsero …