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A Writer at Heart and a Waiter by Profession, Wedekhro Naro from Nagaland Has a Candid Chat About His Debut Book, “True Love Keeps Moving”

Writing can be liberating – and empowering. It enables the writer to immortalize feelings and thoughts to go back to on a later day . . . to either reminisce about them or to ruminate over them while looking for answers – or whatever. Writing is also a brave act, where the writer bares his or her deepest thoughts to the world. For our guest today, writing has been all of the above – and more. For Wedekhro Naro from Nagaland, writing has always been a tool he had used to help himself and others around him. And with the release of his book “True Love Keeps Moving”, he was able to achieve a lifelong goal he had – a dream he had nurtured even when he couldn’t write a sentence in English. “A writer at heart and a waiter by profession” – in his own words, Wedekhro wants to tell the world to never give up on our dreams. “If you have a dream, don’t ever give up. It took me twelve years to …