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Naga Dish | Pork with Turmeric Flower

We are definite that most of our readers here at R&L (including us)  have not yet tried even a fraction of the food available in this world – that are actually edible. And so, it really excites us to explore and share our recipes because of the many possibilities – to cook something up using the same ingredients and oh! how differently right? For example ,we have Idli from the South, Sel Roti from the east and Ma-su-yem (Sticky rice roti in Ao, Naga) from further north east (Nagaland) and all of these are made of one common ingredient “Rice”. Isn’t it amazing? So the recipe for today has an adventure story from last week. After a long day at work, we went to this place in the outskirts of Kohima town , because one of our aunts wanted to pick a ‘flower that was edible’. She said ‘it has huge health benefits with a taste and texture like that of a mushroom’.  It took us about an hour’s ride to get to the place (hillside) and in 30 minutes, we filled about 3 medium sized …