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This Ceramic Artist from Delhi Wants to Embrace the Old and the Imperfect | Meet Kritika Soni Founder of “Kara Sabi”

Art is a potent form of communication, often bridging cultures with its captivating ability to connect people. Today, we introduce you to an intriguing entrepreneur from Delhi, Kritika Soni. Her artistic journey began at Srishti School of Art & Design, Bangalore, and continued with a Master’s degree from the University of Arts London. Kritika is the Founder of Kara Sabi, a ceramic studio and brand. Through ‘Kara Sabi,’ she conveys the wisdom gained from her years of learning and creating, seeking beauty in imperfections through handcrafted ceramics. In our discussion with this talented 28-year-old, we delve into her journey and her venture, “Kara Sabi.” This project draws inspiration from Japanese traditional aesthetics, particularly the philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi,’ which reveres all things old, worn, weathered, imperfect, and impermanent. Hi Kritika, please introduce yourself. Hi, I am Kritika Soni, 28 years of age, and founder of “Kara Sabi” I am a textile designer by degree and a ceramic artist by profession. I was born and raised in Delhi and after graduating in Textiles from Srishti School …