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This Ceramic Artist from Delhi Wants to Embrace the Old and the Imperfect | Meet Kritika Soni Founder of “Kara Sabi”

We must agree that art is a powerful medium of communication and has an enchanting ability to connect like-minded people across cultures – often without much words. Today we came across an interesting fellow entrepreneur from Delhi, who started her art journey from Srishti School of Art & Design, Bangalore, and went on to do her Masters from University of Arts London. She is now a messenger of all that she has acquired and learnt over the years –  through her art venture ‘Kara Sabi’ which was launched as a way to find beauty in the imperfections through handcrafted ceramics. We chat with this talented 28-year old to talk about her journey, and her venture “Kara Sabi” which takes inspiration from Japanese traditional aesthetics, and their philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi’ that honors all things old, worn, weathered, imperfect and impermanent. Hi Kritika, please introduce yourself. Hi I am Kritika Soni
, 28 years of age, and founder of “Kara Sabi” I am a textile designer by degree and a ceramic artist by profession. I have been born …