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Meet Nengneithem Hengna, the Woman Behind ‘Runway Nagaland’ – the Most Accessible Brand for Naga Jewelry and Handlooms.

“Dare to live the life you have dreamt for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Today we have Nengneithem Hengna – founder of ‘Runway Nagaland’ who has been quietly making her mark through her jewelry and handloom business. Her venture is run by an all-women team, which started out as a humble store in Nagaland to market local jewelry outside the state. Today, they have three different brands that offer an eclectic collection of traditional Naga jewelry, handwoven crafts, and premium contemporary pieces – that are loved by locals and customers across the country.   Just like their creations, Runway Nagaland continues to be awe-inspiring through its contribution to local employment and women’s empowerment. It’s no wonder that Nengneithem Hengna confidently confirms that she is living her dream life! So – let’s meet the woman behind it all. Here’s a brief chat with the founder, Nengneithem Hengna from Nagaland.  Nengneithem Hengna- Founder of ‘Runway Nagaland’ Supong: Hi, welcome to R&L! So excited about this chat with you finally! Please …


Meet Devika Gurung from Sikkim Who Is Using Her Passion For Arts And Crafts To Empower The Underprivileged Women Of Her Hometown

Some of us go a whole lifetime before we know for sure what our true purpose, passion and calling in life is. Devika Gurung from Namthang, Sikkim is one of the lucky ones who found that early, in her 20s. She uses her skills of traditional knitting and weaving, that were taught to her by her mother and grandma to empower less priviledged women in her homestate. Read to know more about this lovely soul. We are happy to speak with Devika Gurung from Sikkim and founder of “Fidgety Fingers”- a project that empowers local women by teaching them traditional arts and crafts such as knitting and crochet. She talks to R&L about the struggles she goes through in search of her purpose in life. Hello Devika! Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from and what you do. Hi, my name is Devika Gurung and I’m 30 years old. I am from Namthang of south Sikkim but I currently live in Gangtok. I was born and raised in Sikkim with big expectations from …

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“I Write Roles for Women – Beautiful Women with Soul, Will and Strength” | A Chat with Filmmaker Tribeny Rai from Sikkim

“If there’s specific resistance to women making movies, I just choose to ignore that as an obstacle for two reasons: I can’t change my gender, and I refuse to stop making movies” – Katheryn Bigelow. Growing up in a family of 4 girls, Tribeny Rai faced gender bias at a young age. That experience only gave her the drive and conviction she needed to come out of her shell and do something that was new as well as challenging. That was the start of the journey that strong headed Tribeny set out to embark on for the rest of her life. At 27, she has 8 short films and 1 documentary to her name. Interestingly every one of her works has either won an award or has done the rounds at both national and international film festivals. Today, we’re happy to feature Tribeny Rai, a passionate independent filmmaker from Sikkim. She is everything you wouldn’t fathom at first glance, but behind her charming smile is a powerhouse of creativity that hits you into real-world subtlety. She chats …