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Her Photos Are Inspired By Everyday Things and People But They Are Anything But Mundane – Meet Photographer Kirti Virmani from Delhi

Argentinian photographer Gerardo Suter once said, “I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me.” That certainly seems the case for the young and talented Kirti Virmani from New Delhi. Inspired by her photographer dad, she moved to Mumbai, fresh out of college to follow her passion for editorial photography. After two years in the city of dreams, her sense of discovery and learning still motivates her to strive for the perfect shot. We chat with Kirti to know more about her journey so far. Today we feature a young talent, Kirti Virmani, a fashion and editorial photographer from New Delhi. She talks to R&L about her passion for visual art and aesthetics, her inspirations and her aspirations. Hi Kirti! Good to be speaking with you! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. I’m Kirti Virmani and I’m 23 years old. I’ve grown up in Delhi and got my Honours Degree in Political Science from Delhi University. I moved to Mumbai straight after college to explore a career in photography – fashion photography in …


This is How Fashionable Women from Northeast India Wear their Mekhelas

We’ve grown up watching the women in our lives wearing the mekhela so effortlessly, either in the traditional form or with an unconventional twist. Usually seen as traditional attire, mekhela has stood the test of time and is still an essential part of our lives today. Thanks to the young women from Northeast India, always looking for innovative ways to ramp up their wardrobe – and most likely, with borrowed inspiration from their mothers. Let’s take a look at how different women style their mekhelas. [You can also buy yourself a Naga Mekhela and other traditional jewelry on our R&L Store HERE]” Mizo ladies in their traditional mekhelas ‘Puan’ paired with trendy tops and accessories. [You can also buy yourself a Naga Mekhela and other traditional jewelry on our R&L Store HERE] Yakching looking lovely in her Naga silk mekhela paired with a white bell-sleeve top, perfect for a day out. [You can also buy yourself a Naga Mekhela and other traditional jewelry on our R&L Store HERE] Valentina in all her elegance, in a pastel-toned …


Eight Women in Fashion from NorthEast India and What Sets Them Apart

The team at Roots and Leisure brings together eight fashionable achievers – one each from every state [8 sister states] of Northeastern India to dissect their ‘Fashion & Achievement Quotient’ This was an especially fun set of interviews because it gave us a glimpse of the breadth of fashion personalities that North East India has been contributing to the country and to the world! Even with all that innate coolness and genetically-passed-down poise (aka North East Swag!), these women still manage to bring their own brand of beautiful to their style. Read on to find out what fashion means to them and their secret style weapons.  NAGALAND Maken Imcha Payne, Executive Director of International Recruitment and Relations, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) How has fashion empowered you as a woman? Fashion has always been my confidante, allowing me to become who I am and sometimes who I want to be, with no strings attached. It empowers me to be the protagonist of my own stories. To me, it’s never been about playing by …