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Founders of ‘Nagaland Coffee’ Share Updates on Their Coffee Shop Launch in Dimapur

  Who knew Nagaland would be such a hotbed for high-quality coffee? With the neighboring places having captivated the world with their Assam and Darjeeling teas, maybe it’s about time Nagaland finds a place in the heart of coffee lovers in the country and beyond.  Today we chat with the two founders of  “Nagaland Coffee” – a day before the official launch of their first coffee shop in Dimapur, which promises to enchant coffee lovers in the state with their top-class coffee. They have also managed to excite many with the prospect of creating a sustainable coffee ecosystem – comprising of cultivation, roasting, processing, brewery and more. We chat with coffee expert and co-founder Dr.Pieter Vermeulen to know more about their story, their line of products and services, launch day and their future plans.  Meet the Founders ‘Nagaland Coffee Private Limited’ is a business venture started by two friends -Vivito Yeptho from Nagaland, and Dr. Pieter Vermeulen from Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Pieter is a coffee expert, with a passion for, and knowledge of cultivation, …


Dili Khekho of D’Cafe, Nagaland | Coffee Lover and Biker turned Cafe Owner

Biker and adventure seeker, Dili Khekho is now busy running his own cafe -D’Cafe in Kohima. The coffeephile was trained under the Americans at Bodh Gaya. Having acquired the knowledge about the popular umber beverage, he decided to start a cafe that served the drink while making the customers lounge on bean bags with the crisp aftertaste (finish) of the crema lingering on their tongue. Hi Dili, tell us how a biker who’s travelled around comes to open a cafe – in a place like Kohima? Whenever anyone uses the word, biker, it’s evident that he/she is someone who enjoys moving from one place to another but also finding pit stops for food and drinks. These pit stops are essential to refuel, regenerate and refresh. What better beverage to refuel your mind and body than a dose of caffeine? D’Cafe is more than your refueling point, it is your temporary home. Most customers who visit the cafe, always tell me that the cafe is “A place like home.” And how did it all fall into …