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Dili Khekho of D’Cafe, Nagaland | Coffee Lover and Biker turned Cafe Owner

Biker and adventure seeker, Dili Khekho is now busy running his own cafe -D’Cafe in Kohima. The coffeephile was trained under the Americans at Bodh Gaya. Having acquired the knowledge about the popular umber beverage, he decided to start a cafe that served the drink while making the customers lounge on bean bags with the crisp aftertaste (finish) of the crema lingering on their tongue.


Photo | T Dili Khekho – Owner of DCafe Kohima.

  • Hi Dili, tell us how a biker who’s travelled around comes to open a cafe – in a place like Kohima?

Whenever anyone uses the word, biker, it’s evident that he/she is someone who enjoys moving from one place to another but also finding pit stops for food and drinks. These pit stops are essential to refuel, regenerate and refresh. What better beverage to refuel your mind and body than a dose of caffeine? D’Cafe is more than your refueling point, it is your temporary home. Most customers who visit the cafe, always tell me that the cafe is “A place like home.”


Dili (left) with fellow rider.


Dili (center) at his cafe in Kohima, Nagaland.

  • And how did it all fall into place? How did it begin?

For the most part of academic years, I was in Shillong. After that, I returned to Kohima. In my years away from home, I had developed the love for coffee. Right from the roast to the finish taste of burnt, chocolate, citric or tobacco caffeine on my tongue, I am very particular about both the flavour and the fragrance.

Sipping on beautifully brewed coffee can be mind-altering  – which I experienced, and now I want it on to others. That’s the main reason why I decided to open the cafe. When you are happy and relaxed, you can dream many dreams and make it happen too. Of course, the coffee quality has to be out-of-this world – which is the main focus of the cafe. We serve a variety of brew that is processed carefully to maintain a consistent taste – so that we have people coming back for more. I opened the cafe in September 2016, and everyday is a learning experience.

The fresh coffee grinding process at D’Cafe!

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  • How do you create the right mood/ambiance inD’Cafe?

It’s very simple. The only thing I’ve tried to do is let this place be a fun space with a homely atmosphere. I wanted the people, especially the youngsters to understand that there can be places with good coffee and good food where one can have a lot of fun. The generally misconstrued notion that having fun involves only alcohol was something I wanted the people to do away with. I wanted to change that.

The dim lit place and walls decorated with book racks and frames, give a homely feel to the place


D’Cafe, Kohima | Photo @jungshi.imti


Cafe Interiors – D’Cafe, Kohima  | Photo @jungshi.imti

  • Will you share your mantra of success with us?

I believe in three principles- Cleanliness, Service to the customers and Quality of food. These three always works.

  • What *wins* on your menu?

You can go for waffles with ice cream, freshly brewed coffee drinks alongside some appetizers such as french toast, loaded sandwich or loaded eggs.


Ice Coffee Latte and Waffles served with Vanilla Ice cream.


Freshly brewed coffee

  • How does Dili keep the D’Cafe running?

Some people do it for the money but I do it so that the people keep coming back”

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Dili Khekho (left) – Owner of D’Cafe Kohima.

Jungshi Imti

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