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Faces | Creating Positivity Through Urban Streetstyle Dance Culture : SoulMafia from Aizawl

  “This picture is from an event at ‘Infinite Ainawn’ (a picnic spot in Aizawl). They were celebrating their one year anniversary of the place, and had invited this hip-hop dance crew called ‘SoulMafia’ to perform and entertain the visitors present at the venue. Everyone had a ball out there watching the crew perform their unique streetstyle sets with such an incredible amount of high-level energy! We were all fascinated by their b-boying skills – they performed their act like it was done back in the days with their old-skool, street-style choreography. They had attracted a great deal of attention at the site. In fact, the crowd by the pool and slides was larger in number as compared to the people inside the hall at the park. It was such a refreshing experience witnessing this talented crew express themselves through such impressive sets! ” ~FootLoose (_urban_state), Mizoram  


Interview with Triau Trackx Band from Mizoram

Triau Trackx is a pop-rock band based in Champhai, Mizoram. They released their self-titled album in 2015 and are currently recording their next EP.  Lisa, from Roots and Leisure, recently sat down for a quick chat with band members, Ramenga(drummer), Ruatfeli(vocalist), Ate-a(guitarist) and Lalthazoa (Tz’a) (Bassist), before their performance at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Meghalaya. Here’s an excerpt from the interview as Triau Trackx tells us about their music style, thoughts on the Northeast music scene and their message to the R&L community. Tell us how you guys got together to form the band and the origin of your band name? It started out as a project to promote local artists based in Champai, Mizoram. There is a river called ‘Tiau’ which flows between India and Myanmar, which is near Champai, the people there used to call us Triau Trackx and that’s how the name of the band came to be. What kind of music do you make? We make different kinds of music, sometimes ballads-working with only a piano, and other times it is grunge music, …