Month: July 2017

Shoe Designer – Kaka Sumi, Tells us the Story Behind his New Collection

  Artist discovery is indeed a self fulfilling journey. Each one of them has their own unique and fascinating story to share – and that is what makes their art special. The craft may not be new, but the artists’ journey is their own. So it is always exciting to get to know them, and share their story. We recently met up with Kaka Sumi – a shoe designer from Nagaland, who just launched his new collection of men’s sandals (available at Roots & Leisure Marketplace. Details below). We had a chat about what makes him so passionate about shoes, and of course – his new collection.   Hi Kaka! We love what you are wearing – especially your sandals! Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Hey thank you! These are Kaka Sumi sandals 🙂 So glad to be having this conversation with the R&L team. Ok as an introduction, I am a 28-year-old shoe designer who has had a lifelong obsession with beautiful things – especially shoes. I have just launched my own brand …


Meet Suki and Yim – The Two 11-Year-Olds Behind the Book ‘Suki’s Magic Box’

  Don’t we all agree that technology has redefined the way children spend their time these days? Most of their free time is spent playing video games, surfing the internet, watching videos on their smart phones, iPads, or chatting with their friends on Whatsapp/social media. It is hard to even imagine kids doing anything ‘old fashioned’. So it was a pleasant surprise when we met two 11-year-old girls from Nagaland, who have recently launched a book called ‘Suki’s Magic Box’. The book serves as a graphic narrative inside a ten-year-old’s mind (that’s what they told us!). So let’s have a chat with these talented girls behind the book –  to understand what the book is all about, and more! Meet Sochumlo Suki Ezung, who is the author of the book ‘Suki’s Magic Box’. “I just turned 11, and I love writing; it has been my hobby since I was 7 years old. Suki’s Magic Box is not an ordinary book. It’s a book that talks about the fantasies that play out because of the imaginative power of …


Recipe of Snail Dish – Naga Style

  Here’s a recipe that is loved by the locals in Nagaland. This dish is made of snails (called ‘hamok‘ in Nagamese), local beans and pork.  INGREDIENTS: Snail (200 grams) Pork (1kg) Beans (20-25 ) Ginger Garlic (10 cloves) Salt to taste Dried red chillies (15-20) PREPARATION Soak the snails in clear water for 48 hrs (so that they cleanse themselves). Change the water every 24 hours. Rinse the snails thoroughly With a spoon, tap the pointed end of the snail to make a hole, so that the spices can go inside, while cooking. Make a paste out the red chillies, ginger and garlic DIRECTIONS TO COOK: Cook the pork till tender in a pressure cooker (30-35 mins) In another pot, put the (cooked) pork, the hamok (snail), and the chilli-garlic-ginger paste Pour some water, and let it cook for 30-40 mins Lastly put the beans and cook it for 5-10 minutes, put water if required. Serve with warm steamed rice and enjoy.