Month: October 2019


#RECIPE | Spicy Naga Fried Pork by Lilia Jimomi

Introducing a special recipe for today, brought to you by Lilia Jimomi, an esteemed food enthusiast who manages an exclusive Instagram food account. For the first time ever, she is sharing her favorite recipe: Spicy Naga Fried Pork! This dish incorporates traditional Naga ingredients, resulting in an explosion of flavors. The best part is that it requires minimal ingredients and can be prepared quickly, allowing you to enjoy a delightful Naga meal in just a matter of minutes. Ingredients 1 kg sliced pork 1 tablespoon paprika 3 tablespoons coarse-ground local chili powder 2 cups water 1 tablespoon ground Zanthoxylum powder (roasted in a pan for a few minutes before grinding) Salt to taste Roasted Zanthoxylum powder and local chili powder Instructions Fill a cooking pot with water and place the pork inside. Turn on the stove; add salt and paprika for color. Bring the water to a boil, then cover the pot and simmer gently until the pork becomes tender. If needed, add small amounts of water as required. Once the pork is tender, remove …


Bendang Walling – A Performing Artist, Director and Producer from Nagaland

For some, hobbies remain just hobbies, but Bendang Walling, from Nagaland, had a different calling! He took a leap of faith and decided to give life to his art and hobbies. Hardships and struggles didn’t stop him and today he is one of the refined performer, director and producers in Nagaland. He has directed a lot of plays, short films, conducted Theatre Workshops in other states as well. One of his short films, Blissful was also selected for International Film Festival 2016 at Dharamshala. We caught up with him to chat about his life and work!    Hi, glad to have you on board, please tell us a bit about yourself! Hello, my name is Bendang Walling, I live in Dimapur and I am 32-years-old. I started my career as a stage actor and now, I direct, produce and act as well. I would like to consider myself an artist, a dreamer and a visionary who breathes life to stories and folktales. After my graduation, I went to Delhi to pursue my Master in Dramatic …

Devika Sajeev from Cochin – a Poetry Busker Who Writes About Passersby & Collects Their Life Stories

Devika Sajeev, a literature teacher from Cochin, has been engrossed in books ever since she was a child. She actively searches for new ways to express herself with all the words she has yet to write and say. Recently, she joined ‘Busking Kochi’ as a poetry busker – where she writes poetry about strangers and passerby’s. “In a world that is too busy running, buskers take time to stop, sit around, speak to people and remind them of the power of conversation”, she says. Learn more about Devika, poetry busker and her love for literature as we chat with her.  Hey! Thank you so much for taking out time for us. Firstly, say hi to our readers! Hi. My name is Devika Sajeev! I live in the beautiful city of Kochi and work as a professor of literature at St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam. I’m a teacher yet I’am still a student of literature. I grew up in a world of stories and storytelling. My mother would tell me a story each night without fail – …


#FACES | A Trip to Heunanbe Village In Peren With Vilivi Zhimomi and Her Sister

“My sister and I  have currently opened a store called Beautology located in Dimapur, where we provide facial therapy, Korean skin care products, clothing and accessories. We were invited to Heunanbe by a welcoming family for lunch. After lunch, we wanted to look around and explore. So we took a short trek to the family’s farm, which had a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and spices and not to mention the view! Our khangs (baskets) were almost too heavy to carry by the end of it. The rain thankfully stopped us from emptying the farm and we took shelter in a hut. It was quite an experience as we sat around the bonfire and munched on fruits, along with ‘garam chai’, dried ourselves while waiting for the rain to stop. I managed to bring a little piece of the farm to my backyard. Hopefully soon I will be able to boast to my friends about my little ‘pluck and cook all organic’ corner.” – Vilvi Zhimomi from Dimapur

“I Didn’t Find Thangka Painting, It Found Me” – Sahil Bhopal, a Thangka Painter from Kullu

Thangka painting – a sort of scroll painting, is a cultural pillar in Tibetan tradition and is essential for Buddhist practitioners as it serves as recorded history. With a deep love for history and the intricate designs, Sahil Bhopal, an artist from Kullu has been painting Buddhist thangkas out of pure passion for 10 years now.  Trained in the Karma Gadri style, it is his love for art that transcends even religion. Talking about his work, he says, “Most of the time, when people look at my work, I see them be present in the moment. Nothing from the past or future is on their mind, they are fully present. I would like them to hold on to that peace and that moment of nothingness.” Read more about his fascinating journey below.     Hello Sahil, welcome to R&L! Please share a bit about yourself. Hi, I am Sahil Bhopal, a 29-year-old full-time thangka painter, trained under the tutelage of master painter Noedup Rongae in the Karma Gadri style.  I was raised in Ladakh and when …