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Music Producer / Mix Engineer VI-LO from Nagaland Chats about his First Single “Remember When”

Today we chat with Vizo Solo aka VI-LO from Nagaland as he gets candid about his journey as a band member (drummer) to becoming his own person as a music producer /Mix engineer. He is super excited about the launch of his first single as a music producer. Stay on for the full conversation below…

Music producer and mix engineer Vilo Solo from Nagaland (producer name VI-LO) talks about his newly released single.


Avizo Solo aka VI-LO, music producer from Nagaland

  • R&L: Hi Vizo, congrats on releasing your first solo production! We’ve been checking out your work, and we are super interested to know more about you. So please introduce yourself to the R&L fam

Vizo: Hi, I am Vizovolie Solo, and I go by my producer name – VI-LO. I come from Kohima village (Nagaland) but I grew up in Medziphema. I am currently based out of Bangalore where I dabble with music production; I am also a mix engineer.

I came to Bangalore in 2018, after completing my business studies in Pune. I wanted to build a full-time career out of my passion for music production/mixing.. so I came here and got my Diploma in Audio Engineering from Audiolife, Bangalore. Every day is a journey toward my goal, and it’s been great so far.

Rootsandleisure_Avizo_remember me

‘Remember Me’ single by VI-LO ft Thejaseno Dalie

  • R&:L: You mentioned that you used to play the drums for a couple of bands (like the ‘The Twin Effect’ etc.) before this. What led you to this?

Vizo: Yea… I used to play (the drums) for a couple of bands but we eventually drifted in different directions because of distance and personal priorities – mainly studies for most of us at that time. Now that I have decided to give the music some serious time and effort, I aspire to make music based on what feels good to me… and also stuff that will showcase the kind of music producer I want to be.

I still play the drums.. but at the moment, I am fully enjoying this process of making / mixing music. I find great pleasure in music production as it gives me a nice creative platform to express myself honestly..


Avizo Solo playing the drums with ‘The Twin Effect’ at the NH7 Weekender Pune


Avizo with ‘The Twin Effect’ at the NH&7 Weekender Pune

  • R&L: Awesome! We wish you success in exploring your creative journey in this new direction.. now tell us more about “Remember When” – your first solo production as a music producer.

Vizo: I started working on the song (vocals by Thejaseno Dolie) with the initial idea to just make a retro remix of the song. But I was enjoying the process so much… I eventually ended up deciding to make it a proper solo production.

“It had a distinct 80ʼs synth-wave, so I thought of making the song talk about the good old days of the yesteryears, of friendship.. and make the listeners and viewers get nostalgic about their youthful fun – and remind them to cherish their present moments spent in the company of good friends.”


“Remember Me” by VI-LO ft Thejaseno Dolie

“We experimented with this same theme for the music video as well. It takes the viewer across the journey of 3 friends who meet after decades  .. over cups of tea and laugher and nostalgia ..as they go down memory lane to a time when they were young, carefree and had so much fun in their own innocent ways . .”

  • R&L: One last Q before we let our readers check out the video. Name some artists that you would like to collaborate with.

Vizo: That would be a long list. But it would be awesome to work with Jonathan Yhome and ZaZa.

Check out ‘Remember When’ by VI-LO featuring Thejaseno Dolie

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