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A Chat With Roderick Roy Yumkham, A Passionate Photographer From Manipur

Photography is about storytelling, about finding the extraordinary in the mundane and about gaining perspective of our surroundings. Today, we have Roderick Roy Yumkham, from Manipur, to share his thoughts on pursuing photography and how his grandfather, who is an artist, inspired him to see things differently. He started out by capturing photos through his phone and editing them on apps. Photography soon became his passion!  We had a quick chat with Roderick Roy Yumkham, passionate photographer to know a little more about his work. Hi! Introduce a little about yourself. I’m Roderick Roy Yumkham, 21 years old from Imphal, Manipur. Currently, I’m studying Visual Communication in Hindustan University in Chennai. What initially sparked your interest in photography? I feel photography to is ingrained in me but I didn’t know it until I started taking few pictures with my phone. If you closely look at the things around us, you will realize that everything has a story of its own. That’s how my interest became more intense with time and I began to believe I …


“I Find My Escape From The World In My Paintings” – A Chat With Naresh Meetei, Artist From Manipur

Naresh Meetei is a 33-year-old contemporary artist from Manipur who works currently as an Art director at an advertising agency in New Delhi. Growing up, he was always fond of drawing and doodling. His work consists of interesting synthesis of colours, textures and lines. He draws inspiration from various street artists, mother nature and the internet!  We had a chat with Naresh Meetei, an artist from Manipur to talk about his work, inspirations, his recent work and more! Hello Naresh! Please tell us a little about yourself. My name is Naresh Meetei and I’m 33 years young 🙂 . I was born and brought up in Imphal, Manipur and presently, I work as an Art Director at an advertising agency in New Delhi. I’m currently working on a new series of paintings for my next exhibition in February 2020 and I’m very excited about it. Introduce us to your work. What got you started? As Master Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up“. …


A Chat With The Founders Of ‘NKsquare” – An IT Service Provider Company Based In Kohima, Nagaland

Today, we have three young energetic, extremely dedicated, grounded gentlemen with us who followed their passion and now are the founders of one of the leading IT companies in Nagaland, ‘NKsquare’. A place heaved with energy, dedication, enthusiasm and with faces brimming with smiles that make you feel welcomed!  When many thought it was a far-fetched dream to start a private firm and make a living out of it, these three young lads took a chance and set out on their own path. NKsquare has set the bar high in providing IT services in various fields. The firm provides services such as IT Infrastructure Solution, Designs & Development of Web Application, Management system , Mobile Apps, Digital Signature and Consultancy. We had a chat with the founders of NKsquare, an IT service provider company based in Kohima, Nagaland to know better about their work and some more. Tell us a bit about your team and how it all started? Hello, we are Neiphizo Kesiezie , Kepezelhou Semou and Kevilelie Pienyü. We are all from different …


“Watching These Kids Play Outside Gave Me So Much Joy And Took Me Back To My School Days” ~ Nunthara From Mizoram

“This was just outside my house at Tuikual South, Aizawl. The neighborhood kids were out to play after school. They were so engrossed to play with each other and here, the two kids standing on top were blowing bubbles and the kids down there were trying to pop those bubbles. As I captured this moment, I felt that the joy these innocent kids had was not an exotic thing but instead a very simple one. It made me think to appreciate even a small thing in life. ~ V.L. Nunthara from Mizoram The neighbor kids engrossed with their games | Photo captured by Nunthara


Meet 23-Year-Old DJ Inavito From Nagaland aka ‘Jamie Shikhu’

As the saying goes by George Herbert, “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” Indeed! Today we have Inavito Achumi Shikhu, better known as, Jamie Shikhu, a young Music Producer & Disc Jockey from Nagaland, who is truly a testimony to the above statement!  Roots & Leisure had a chat with the 23-year-old DJ & music producer, Inavito Achumi Shikhu, from Nagaland  The young DJ started making music at the young age of 14. The journey began when he was presented with an iPad on his birthday on which he downloaded GarageBand (Apple’s Music Application). Like many already accomplished names in this business, this promising music icon-to-be had his humble beginnings. He started making Electro House music and the first thing he thought was that the music he was making ‘didn’t sound too bad at all’. Next thing, he downloaded FL Studio mobile version to make sure he …


In Conversation With Shanthungo Ezung, Nature Photographer From Nagaland

We are delighted to have Shanthungo Ezung, one of the well-known photographers of Nagaland with us today. His journey with photography started when he first laid hands on  a film roll camera which he bought from his friend. It’s been more than a decade since then and his passion remains the same. He currently runs his own business, while pursuing photography on the side. He specializes in nature, landscape and culture photography and is inspiring many with his prize winning pictures!  In depth chat with Shanthungo Ezung to know more about his work and how it all began. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hi! My name is Shanthungo Ezung. I am a freelance photographer and self-employed businessman presently based in Dimapur, Nagaland. How and when did you develop an interest in photography? I developed a passion for photography during my college years. I got my first camera, a pre-used SLR Nikon F65, which I bought from a friend for half the price. I just fell in love with it and I would take …


Meet Nori Norbhu, A Self-Taught Illustrator And Graphic Designer From Darjeeling

Hailing from Darjeeling, Nori Norbhu is making a mark in the world of art with her digital art. Every illustration by Nori is a treat for art lovers. A self-taught graphic designer and illustrator based in Mumbai, Nori always had a deep connection with art since her childhood days. Growing up, she made sure she followed her passion and pursued it as a profession! She currently works as a Senior Graphic Designer with an advertising agency in Mumbai. We spoke to her about her work, her inspiration and current projects. Find out everything about Nori and her work below: We had a chat with Nori Norbhu from Darjeeling, an illustrator and a graphic designer who is based out of Mumbai to talk about her work and more! Hello Nori, good to have you with us! Please tell us a little about yourself. My name is Nori Norbhu, an illustrator and graphic designer based out of Mumbai. I am a compulsive tea drinker who loves art and design. I was born in Darjeeling, a small town …


#RECIPE | Fried Silkworm Dish – A Naga Delicacy By Ayhunle Lorin From Nagaland

At Roots & Leisure, Saturday means recipe! Our readers share their own tried and tested recipes with us from easy breakfasts to heavy dinners. Today we have Ayhunle Lorin from Nagaland with the recipe of delicious fried silkworm dish. She says, “Silkworm are widely consumed in Nagaland although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There are different ways to cook it, according to individual’s preferences. Here, I’ve boiled and fried them.” All it takes is some spices and silkworms to make this yummy dish. The recipe of fried silkworm dish, contributed by Ayhunle Lorin from Nagaland Ingredients : Silk Worm ( 1kg ) Chilli powder ( 3tbsp ) Turmeric powder ( 2tbsp ) Ginger and garlic paste ( 3tbsp ) Roasted Machingagutti powder ( 2tbsp ) Vinegar ( 2tbsp ) Green Chillies ( 10pc ) Oil (4-5 tbsp ) Salt to taste Preparations of the dish : Boil the Silkworm Cut it into small pieces Marinate with salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder, garlic, ginger, roasted machingagutti powder, vinegar and green chillies Heat the …


Enboklang Chyne and His Friends Visit the Laitlum Canyons in Meghalaya

Recently in May, me and my friends took a trip to one of the most famous tourist spots in Meghalaya, Laitlum. We headed up to the Laitlum Canyons – Rasong viewpoint, and took these photos. My friends were visiting and staying in Shillong for 3 weeks – one of them comes all the way from France, one from Kerala and the other from Kashmir.  It was actually raining when we reached the place, so we had to sit inside the car for about 20 minutes and wait for it to stop. We got out when downpour ended and were happy to see the sun out and clear sky. The view was breathtaking and just too beautiful to be expressed in words! We took a lot of pictures and it was fun to see my friends enjoying the place too. What a wonderful day! ~ Enboklang Chyne from Shillong, Meghalaya


In Conversation With The Lovely Sisters Behind ‘KAPRAA’ – Nagaland’s Favorite Fashion Destination

Kapraa, a startup run by three inspiring sisters, is one-of-a-kind store. Besides selling its own designs, the store also gives other creative designers a space to sell and showcase their pieces. It’s a one-stop shop if you’re looking for fashion and accessories – all ‘Made in Nagaland’! Today, we’re introducing you to the faces behind Kapraa – Diana, Ayetoli and Elona. We had fun chatting with them about Kapraa – scroll down to read the full conversation. We had a chat with the lovely sisters of “KAPRAA” – a clothing store based in Kohima, Nagaland to know more about their ventures and more. We are very excited and happy to have you here. To start with everything, it would be great if you can give us a little introduction. Kapraa is a small start up, it’s whole purpose is to encourage local entrepreneurs. It all started with the idea of diving into the world of fashionable yet affordable clothing. So while putting together the concept of KAPRAA, we thought why not be an umbrella brand …