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Take a Trip to One of the Cleanest Villages in Nagaland – Mopungchuket

Hello Fam! Looks like we’ve just discovered the perfect place for you to wind down this weekend. We’re talking about Mopungchuket, an Ao village, 13 kilometer drive from Mokokchung. Trust us, spring is a good time to travel to Nagaland before it gets too muggy over the summer. This place is perfect when you just want to soak in a little bit of nature and pleasant sunshine! So, what is this whimsical village all about? Find out below: This village is said to be the cleanest village among the Ao villages, in fact in the entire Nagaland. It is known for its clean living, picturesque landscape and the warmth of the local people. Folks! Grab your bags already. While you’re here, don’t forget to learn about the legendary romantic story of Jina and Etiben! What can you expect when here? Expect a lot of delectable local cuisines, happy kids strutting around, abundance of seasonal flowers in almost every household, and of course, the village attractions such as the pillar/ village tower, cultural museums, historical artifacts, …


Prakrithi Pradhan Goes For a Picnic With Her Friend to Make the Most of Spring Season at Saramsa Garden, Sikkim

“It was the festival of Holi and we were grateful to get time-off from work. My friends and I haven’t seen each other for long ever since we started working, so we planned a picnic in the Saramsa Garden. The best thing about spring is the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which was just perfect to chill outdoor. It is the prettiest season with colorful flowers in full bloom! That day, the place was pretty crowded comparing to other days since it was a national holiday. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch people dancing and playing with colors! The most memorable moment about the day was the conversations we had about what was new in our lives, over some snacks. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t get to see each other often. So, there was a lot to talk about, a lot to catch up on!” ~ Prakrithi Pradhan from Sikkim Prakriti Pradhan and her friend making the most of Spring season in Saramsa Garden, Sikkim


“Dancing Is A Part Of My Life For It Really Brings Me Happiness” – A Chat With 20-Year-Old Sorenzan Vashum, Dancer From Manipur

A self-taught b-boy dancer, Sorenzan Vashum hails from Tallui village located in the district of Ukhrul, Manipur. Inspired after watching his sisters perform in school programs, Sorenza took on dancing at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. Already a winner of a few b-boy battles, Sorenza practices for hours everyday. He also talks about his dance group, “Generation Squad”, where he has found a new family and learns a lot from the crew members. Let’s get to know him better! We had a chat with Sorenzan Vashum, B-boy dancer from Manipur. He talk to us about his passion for dancing since his younger days, how it got started, inspirations and more! Hello, introduce a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Sorenzan Vashum and I’m 20-year-old. I was born and brought up in Talui village, located in Ukhrul town of Manipur. Currently, I’m based out of Delhi. Introduce us to your work as a dancer, what got you started? I’m a full-time b-boy dancer. My stage name is “Bboy Neros”, where ‘Bboy’ is a …


“I Write Songs to Teach, Talk, Remind And Reprimand Myself” – A Chat With Chijanbemo Richard, Aspiring Singer-Songwriter From Nagaland

Among the many reasons that the North-east region is famous for, music certainly tops the list. In a place where music is integrated into people’s everyday lives, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most artists here pick up music early on in their childhood – for some, it blossoms into a passion or even a profession. One such fantastic musician is Chijanbemo Richard – an aspiring singer-songwriter from Nagaland, who was introduced to music by the likes of Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Today, he makes music about love, joy and the beauty of life. “My entire week is mostly occupied with reading books and making music“, says Chijanbemo, as he tells us about his ambitions of becoming a singer-songwriter and a civil servant. Read on to know more.  We had a chat with Chijanbemo Richard, an aspiring singer-songwriter from Nagaland. He talks about music, his inspiration, and his latest original song. Tell us a little about yourself, Richard. Hello! My name is Chijanbemo Richard from Senjum Village, Dimapur Nagaland. I’m a 27 years-old …


“My Art Is A Study And A Meditation On The Question Of Culture, Life And Narratives” – A Chat With Laishram Meena Devi, Artist From Manipur

Meet Laishram Meena Devi, freelance painter from Manipur. As a kid, she has been participating in a couple of painting competitions and growing up to having her own solo show, multiple of group exhibitions within the country and abroad! Meena has come really far on achieving her goals and living the dream. She is fascinated about painting Manipuri mother and children, the traditional touch could be seen in most of her works – “My paintings represent innocence of childhood, comfort, togetherness, mother and daughter relationship, friendship, etc“. Let’s read on to know better about Meena and her work! We had a chat with Laishram Meena Devi, artist from Manipur. She talks about her work – how painting Manipuri women and kids fascinates her and what her paintings represents! Hi! Introduce a little about yourself. My name is Laishram Meena Devi, 30-years-old from Manipur. I’ve been living in Delhi for the past 15 years now. I did my bachelor of fine art (painting) from Jamia (gold medalist) at 2011 and M.F.A from College of Art , …

“Nail Art is About Capturing my Clients’ Many Moods and Their Stories” – Kesang Gurung from Nepal on Working as a Nail Artist at Chillhouse in New York City

Art is everywhere. You just need an eye to appreciate it – and for some, talent and passion to create art. Nail artist Kesang Gurung from Nepal is here today to inspire us with her passion and talent for sketching narratives of her clients’ stories and moods on their nail art. She started out as a nail technician when she first moved to New York City all the way from Nepal. Today, she is a spark of joy and inspiration at ‘Chillhouse’ the popular beauty shop in NYC. “My initial big challenge was keeping up with the ever-changing trend or as they say these days “mood” of the moment, but I learned that it is all a narrative of different stories. And every day is a chance and choice to learn something new.” We chat with Kesang to know more about her and her work and how her Nepali roots of a strong community orientation make her a better co-worker, and more. We had a chat with Kesang Gurung, nail artist from Nepal – based …


“Dark Days Will Be Many, But The Sea Will Calm Down and The Sun Will Shine Again”- A Chat with Chirmi Shimray from Manipur, author of “The Sea And I”

Some say that every secret of a writer’s soul is written large in their works. Some say it’s all fiction and a figment of their imagination. Today’s writer from Manipur has a little bit of both in her first ever book to be published “The Sea and I.” A teacher by profession, 26-year-old Chirmi Shimray is a new mom to her 3-month-old son and has always been passionate about writing. The themes of her writings usually revolves around Death, Survival and Freedom, and she says of her book “The Sea and I”, ” It’s mostly fictional except for a chapter called ‘Paradise’ which is based on my real life. I want my readers to dive into the book and just let the book take them over with its mesmerizing vulnerabilities, and also its coldness.”Let’s find out more about Chirmi and her book! A chat with Chirmi Shimray – a passionate writer, full-time teacher, new mom and a published author from Manipur. She talks about her debut book, “The Sea and I” the whole process that …


“For Me Baking Is Not Just Cakes And Cream But It’s The Happiness And Smiles That Keeps Me Excited” – A Chat With Ehok Suchiang, Baker From Meghalaya

They say you have nothing to lose when you dare to be courageous in life. Ehok Suchiang has always dreamt of becoming a baker or chef since her childhood days. Today, she runs her own bakery in her hometown of Jowai in Meghalaya. Ehok is happier than ever as she says she is super happy about where she stands at the moment and also looks forward to opening a cafe in the near future. Let’s find out more about her and her venture. We had a chat with Ehok Suchiang, baker from Jowai, Meghalaya. She talks about her dream of becoming a chef or a baker since she was 11-years-old, turns into reality after she completed her college! Introduce a little about yourself. My name is Ehok Suchiang and I come from a small town called Jowai, a state in Meghalaya. I started my baking journey since December 2018. Tell us about your baking venture, what initially sparked your interest in baking? Being a chef or baker has always been a dream for me. I …


“I Want to Capture Raw Moments of People Who are Truly Living in The Moment”- Language Student Kekhriezalie from Nagaland on Exploring Street Photography in the Streets of Seoul, South Korea

Kekhriezalie Keretsu went all the way to Seoul from Nagaland, to learn Korean language – a pursuit he is most passionate about. While living in the city as a student, the beautiful landscape and the people of Seoul inspired him to take up photography – which interestingly, also helps him get some extra pocket money to manage his expenses. As a personal style and preference, his photography mostly bends towards street and fashion photography – which compliments his curiosity for learning more about people, culture, fashion, current trends and more. . The thing that stands out from most of his photographs is the way he captures the raw essence of people and their surroundings in their barest format. He says he finds beauty in capturing everyday moments that are random and occurs naturally around us. What interests him is the way he is able to capture the beauty of such random events and portray the same to an audience. “My focus tends to shift more towards people who are less distracted by objects. Especially the …


“I See My Art As A Rough Presentation Of Our Own Complex Mind With Its Limitless Theories” – A Chat With 22-Year-Old Doodler Lanunukshi Keitzar From Nagaland

Once again, we are happy to have with us a young artist that draws, zentangle, doodles as his hobby! Lanunukshi Keitzar is a student from Nagaland and he started his hobby two years ago after discovering cool artists across the world through social media! While Lanu goes through a phase of depression in his life, he uses his hobby as a therapy and in such a way he got inspired to continue what he loves to do. “I have been brought up in an environment where my interest and views have not been suppressed but we are given the freedom to use and share. I suppose that is one reason for the absence of boundaries in the perception of my art.” Let us find out more about Lanu and his work! We had a chat with Lanunukshi Keitzar, a young artist from Nagaland. He talks about his inspirations, how it got started and how his upbringing influenced his working style. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Lanunukshi Keitzar, 22 years of …