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A Song for Every Mood – Music and Musicians from North East India


Over the weekend, we had a fun leisure chat with our readers, where we shared our current moods – in exchange for a song. By the end of the session, we had compiled a pretty good playlist of songs performed/written/composed by talented musicians from North East India. Scroll below to check out the list. 

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Rootsandleisure_North east India musicians

  • Very bad mood due to cramps” ~ @journalofhisdaughter

Dedicating this song “Warrior’s Call” by Colored Keys Nagaland. Composed in two Naga dialects (Chakhesang and Angami) with a blend of tribal folk and contemporary western melody, this song is guaranteed to help you relax, and meditate. Breathe. 


  • Hopeful” ~ @ruchielal

Play ‘Korou’ (meaning ‘Sunlight’ in Manipuri) by June Neelu Ft B.Maisnam from Manipur. A song about the beauty of nature… the sunrise, dews, birds, wind, and the mountains, this has been our go-to video for afternoon daydreaming and endless optimism.


  • Sad and ‘lil depressed” ~ @blessedben2

When you are feeling down and uninspired, a Nina Simone song can soothe your heart like no other. And this cover of ‘Feeling Good’ by Moatoshi Jamir from Nagaland is as powerful as her lyrics. Give it a listen, and feel better soon!


  • Little bit sad 🙁” ~ @shong_mao_shiu

We have the perfect song for you Shong. Check out ‘Feel Good’ by Virie from Nagaland. Virie’s dreamy voice playing over a backdrop of friends indulging in some old-fashioned fun in the outdoors is a mood lifter for sure. You can also try singing along? Feeling better already 🙂


  • Exhausted 😩 ” ~ @mobiik_18

Friend, we feel you. We recommend you make time for some much-needed rest and self-care. Dedicating this Mizo love song I Hlutna’ by Jaui from Mizoram. Jaui’s calming voice and That scenic location (this video was shot during the 2020 lockdowns) will refresh your mind and soul 🙂


  • Mixed Feelings ” ~ @jamir_sangla

If you are feeling conflicted/confused, we recommend going back to basics/roots to find clarity. This track ‘Yoksa’ by DJ Bom – Yoksa Ft. K4 Kekho from Arunachal is a must-listen! Young rapper Kekho raps with pride about the traditions of Yoksa (machete) of the Adi tribe. The menfolks dancing in their traditional get-up lend a powerful note to the whole song.


  • Stressed ” ~ @hera_zeliang

Hera, if you are feeling stressed, make yourself a hot cup of tea/coffee, and unwind over some great music. You may enjoy this music video ‘Nono Sawi Rikheba’ by Novonil Chakma and Sourabhee Debbarma from Tripura. You also get a glimpse of the gorgeous Champahour village – an added treat. Enjoy!


  • dellusional” ~ @dorec_23

Keep it positive like our brother, and Khasi rapper Mejied Kyrpang Thangkhiew from Shillong. An independent artist/rapper from Meghalaya, this track “Rise” is all about spreading love, peace, and unity. Hope this song cheers you up Dorec 🙂

Guys, that is all for now, but we shall continue these community chats on our Instagram. See you there.

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