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“For Me Baking Is Not Just Cakes And Cream But It’s The Happiness And Smiles That Keeps Me Excited” – A Chat With Ehok Suchiang, Baker From Meghalaya

They say you have nothing to lose when you dare to be courageous in life. Ehok Suchiang has always dreamt of becoming a baker or chef since her childhood days. Today, she runs her own bakery in her hometown of Jowai in Meghalaya. Ehok is happier than ever as she says she is super happy about where she stands at the moment and also looks forward to opening a cafe in the near future. Let’s find out more about her and her venture. We had a chat with Ehok Suchiang, baker from Jowai, Meghalaya. She talks about her dream of becoming a chef or a baker since she was 11-years-old, turns into reality after she completed her college! Introduce a little about yourself. My name is Ehok Suchiang and I come from a small town called Jowai, a state in Meghalaya. I started my baking journey since December 2018. Tell us about your baking venture, what initially sparked your interest in baking? Being a chef or baker has always been a dream for me. I …


“Making Handmade Crafts Can Be Very Therapeutic” – Founders of ‘Dream Craft’, Stephanie and Embhah From Shillong Chats with R&L

Isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by crafty people who make their surrounding world a little more intriguing with magnificent handiworks? And how lucky are we have so many people joining this passion filled hobby! In earlier days, making handmade crafts used to be an activity to engage in during their free time.But with time, it has become even more valued as these hobbies help you relax and destress, while also creating many unique opportunities to earn a living! Today, we have Embhahlang N Mawlong, creative head of “Dream Craft” and his wife Stephanie P Basaiawmoit, who is an assistant professor by profession while also helping her husband whenever she is free!  “Dream Craft” is a design and craft business which specializes in all sorts of paper crafts such as – invitations (wedding, birthdays, other events), notebooks, custom made boxes, cake toppers, wedding service books, return favour boxes and packages, décor props, etc. Each products are made with utmost love and care. Let’s find out more! We had a chat with Stephanie P Basaiawmoit and …


“Polo Orchid Resort” in Cherrapunji, is The Ultimate Luxury Getaway to Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Meghalaya | Group CEO Deval Tibrewella Chats with R&L

Cherrapunji is a pristine valley in Meghalaya, known for its heavy amount of rainfall received annually. Also referred to as “Jewel Crest of Meghalaya”, Cherrapunji nestles in the East Khasi Hills and is home to the most mesmerizing waterfalls, awesome trekking trails, living bridges, caves and many more. Therefore, it is one of the most sought out vacation destination across the country.  We came across one of the most acclaimed resort in Cherrapunji, “Polo Orchid Resort”, perched on the edge of a hill and overlooks the magnificient Nongsngithiang Falls, popularly known as the Seven Sisters Falls. The resort is well known for its hospitality, warm services and variety of interiors with super splendid ambiance. The glimpse of stunning view from all around the property and the unmissable infinity pool, makes the resort even more special. Let’s find out everything about the owner and the resort’s story! We had a chat with Deval Tibrewella, CEO and managing director of Hotel Polo towers group from Meghalaya. He talks about it’s resort “Polo Orchid Resort” located in Cherrapunji, it’s special …

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Students in Shillong from Across NorthEast India, Share What’s Trending | Winter Fashion 2019

Winter in Shillong can be pretty extreme with temperatures dropping as low as 3-4°C. While other parts of the country are warming up with the arrival of January, most states of North East India are experiencing one of the coldest months of the winter season. Well, the cold may dampen your mood on some days, but we at R&L believe in making the most out of every situation. Here, the silver lining comes in varied shades of trends and colors as young folks in Shillong dress for the occasion – that of a cold winter’s day with the last leg of festivities still lingering in the air.  So today, we have Rinyo Valui from Shillong walk the streets of Shillong and take us through the trends rocking the local fashion scene. A first glimpse tells us that there’s more to this season than the usual monochromatic knitwears and black high waisted jeans. The hottest trends in Shillong this season? Turtle neck, beret and beanies, thigh high boots and long coats. So let’s find out what’s trending straight …

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“Looking Down to Hundreds of Meters Below, the Valley Beneath Gives a Magnificent View!” Lanchung Gonmei Talks About Her Zip Lining Experience In Meghalaya

“This was on our trip to Meghalaya in October. I went with five of my friends; we wanted to take a break from our studies and have some fun! It was a fine October afternoon, and the weather was quite chilly. On the way to Cherrapunji, we stopped over to try out zip lining near the bridge at Mawkdok. It was my first time, but one of the most thrilling experiences so far! Looking down to hundreds of meters below, the beautiful valley beneath gives a magnificent view! It was a short route but the speed was pretty thrilling and exhilarating. Definitely the highlight of the trip. Must try!” ~ Lanchung Gonmei from Nagaland, Master’s Student of Commerce, Guwahati

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A Chat With Pastor of SOULS Cafe in Shillong – Your Special Place To Fill Your Body and Soul

  Just as our body needs food to stay physically active and healthy, our soul too can do with some spiritual food. Our reader and contributor Arep – a student in Shillong, recently visited “SOULS Cafe” in Shillong, and loved her experience there; so here she is, sharing her conversation with the owner of the cafe to guide us through the offerings of the cafe and more. SOULS cafe is known for its welcoming atmosphere, and also offers free counselling for those in need. So if you are looking for good comfort food, lovely ambiance and a place to relax, bond and refresh, SOULS cafe may be a good place to check out. Here’s a chat with Pastor Ever to know more about the cafe, and why it’s loved by many in Shillong. R&L contributor Arep chats with Pastor Ever, who is one of the co-founders of “SOULS Cafe” in Shillong, Meghalaya. They talk about how the cafe aims to be the light for lost souls and bring them some comfort and healing- along with some yummy …


#FACES | Nenia Arche from Manipur Recalls Her Memorable Stay in Haven’s Cove Resort in Syntu Ksiar in Jowai, Meghalaya

“This photo was taken last year in June during a trip to Jowai – which is located about 60 km from Shillong in Meghalaya. We stayed in a lovely resort called ‘Haven’s Cove’ in Syntu Ksiar, which is about 5 km away from the main Jowai town; we took a car to get there, and then had to walk around 20 mins to reach the resort. During that time of the year (June), the weather was so pleasant making our trip even more worthwhile. For the outing that day, we packed some home-cooked lunch (prepared by one of my friend’s mom) which we enjoyed besides the peaceful river.While we were there, we had a wonderful time exploring the scenic surroundings by taking long walks through the narrows paths in the open paddy fields; one of the highlights was walking over the footbridges, which were beautifully made!” “The most memorable part of the trip happened on our way back. While we were walking, it started raining heavily. We had just 2 umbrellas, which was not enough for all …


R&L Folks Share Their Excitement for the Upcoming Music Festival – NH7 Weekender Meghalaya 2018

  It’s that time of the year again when music lovers from across the country will be headed to Shillong to attend the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2018. This is the fourth season for the Meghalaya edition – and is going from strength to strength each year.  In the words of Vijay Nair, CEO of Only Much Louder – the force behind Bacardi NH7 Weekender, “Nh7 Shillong sold more tickets than Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata combined. North East is the biggest untapped market for live entertainment. The Shillong edition is officially the fastest growing edition of Bacardi Nh7 Weekender and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.” (quoted from his interview with businessworld, 2016). Not really a surprise given the fact that music is ingrained in the souls of the local folks of Meghalaya and the neighbouring North Eastern region! So let’s find out what’s in store from this year’s festival. So without wasting much time, here’s all the deets you need to get to the festival – which starts tomorrow (2-3 Nov 2018). We also have our R&L folks sharing their personal …


Head Over to Mikado Lounge, Shillong To Experience a Fun Night Out in The Hills of Meghalaya

Shillong is one of the places in North East India that has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment and nightlife throughout the year. So for all travelers planning to visit Shillong, make sure you explore the various cafes, restaurants, restobars to unwind your day after exploring the natural landscape in the area. Today in the spotlight, we have Mikado Lounge – a restobar located in Police Bazar Shillong. With an aim to change the restaurant and nightlife scene in Shillong, Mikado Lounge offers a lively ambiance – complete with food, drinks and live entertainment. We chat with Pooja from Mikado Lounge to get a glimpse into what they have to offer. We chat with Pooja from Mikado Lounge, Shillong to introduce us to the host of offerings for folks about town looking for some evening entertainment. Hello. Happy to have you with us today! Tell us a bit about the founders of Mikado Lounge. The journey of Hotel Pine Borough started way back in 1991 with its two wings namely, The Sunset Bar, and Mikado Restaurant. After …


NorthEast Fashion Report from The Streets of Shillong – by Arepla Jamir

For those who are familiar with the vibrant energy of Shillong, a big part of its charm comes from the young folks that flock its streets. And almost unmissable is the fashion landscape of the town, represented mainly by the student crowd gathered from across the North East of India – which is undeniably the country’s hotspot for all the movers and shakers in Fashion. Our contributor Arepla Jamir from Nagaland, currently a student in Shillong herself, introduces us to some of her fashionable friends to give us a sense of what’s trending in the local fashion scene in Shillong.  “Trendspotting can be a tough job in today’s world because fashion trends are constantly changing; and with individual style gaining popularity, tracing a trend in a particular place is not so simple. So the best way to gauge the local fashion scene is to walk down the streets – especially here in Shillong, which can give you a pretty good view of what’s trending – all in one place” ~ Arep, Student, Shillong Hakani Sungoh, 21, Political …