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Kohima – My Home for Now | Rohan Abraham, Founder of India Trail

About three years ago, my life took an interesting twist that landed me in Kohima – with really not much other than some clothes, a computer, a camera, and a huge smile.  Ever since then, I have traveled a fair bit across the state of Nagaland and met some really interesting people – both from this state as well as from other Indian states.


I was not unfamiliar with Nagaland or Nagas when I arrived here. Way back in my college days was when I met my first set of Naga friends and I am still in touch and close friends with all of them.  My first trip to Nagaland was around 6 years ago and was to attend the much awaited wedding of my favourite Naga couple.  I now live and work in Kohima. How long I will be here, is a question the answer to which I don’t have at the moment.  I will be here till my next calling is loud and clear.

In August of 2015, we started a ‘walking initiative’ with a walk roughly every month and with each walk being about 20 km.  It started off with just some close friends joining in, but it soon gathered momentum and our last walk, which was to Japfu peak, had 35 people! It was such a thrill to meet people who would just drop everything and join us for a short walk.  We plan to resume our walks once the rains are easing off.


14.5 km. Rest stop | #WalkNagaland #IndiaTrail


I once walked 23 km from Khonoma village to the Red Cross building in Kohima town.  I met some lovely people along the way.  No one could understand why I was doing this, but they still stopped their work and cheered me on.  Some of the village kids followed me for a while too, but soon got tired and went their own way.


“I have so much more to experience and explore – so many more people to meet and so many stories to listen to.  I can’t wait!”


We also helped organise a training session for members of the Nagaland Tourism Association – to teach them everything we know about the World War II and the Battle of Kohima.  You can’t be in Kohima and not know about the mighty battle that happened here.


Photo taken at Kohima World War II Cemetery | “To all my friends out there, I strongly urge you to read up about the Battle of Kohima and Imphal. A huge piece of history that many of us have no idea about.”

Also – you can’t be in Kohima and not hang out with the cool people out here 🙂


The CEO of Mozhui Sports Complex heading upstairs to bark orders for tea service. While the pros continue their game of Billiards. #Billiards #MozhuiSportsComplex


One day, the entrance to my house will look like this. One day. Soon. Maybe. #Nagaland #Gate

About Rohan: A chartered accountant, who left corporate life to start India Trial after some soul searching. He had earlier worked for Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, and Grant Thornton. He now lives and works in Kohima. He started ” The India Trail ” in 2012 to promote socially responsible tourism focussing on the North East of India.


Rohan Abraham

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