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Candid Chat with Jay from Mizoram : 19-Year-Old Whose Rockstar Style and K-Pop Charisma Have Fans Swooning on Social Media

Small-town superstars from the northeast are a force to be reckoned with. Their individuality takes shape through various outlets – be it their fashion sense, art, music, or other forms of expression. It is truly remarkable to witness the interesting remixes that emerge out of limitations and boundaries found in smaller towns and villages, untouched by mainstream influences. While media exposure is now accessible to even the remotest parts of the world, it is refreshing to see how these young generations use this inspiration to create something that is uniquely their own. One such individual is Jay, a 19-year-old college student from Dinthar, a small town in Aizawl. With tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and thousands of fans eagerly anticipating his every post, he is a superstar in his own right. Jay’s charm lies in his boyish yet 80s rockstar look coupled with K-Pop idol cuteness. We first discovered him through a viral reel where he and his friends were filmed hanging out outside an unbothered institute in Aizawl. This feature on him …


“Watching These Kids Play Outside Gave Me So Much Joy And Took Me Back To My School Days” ~ Nunthara From Mizoram

“This was just outside my house at Tuikual South, Aizawl. The neighborhood kids were out to play after school. They were so engrossed to play with each other and here, the two kids standing on top were blowing bubbles and the kids down there were trying to pop those bubbles. As I captured this moment, I felt that the joy these innocent kids had was not an exotic thing but instead a very simple one. It made me think to appreciate even a small thing in life. ~ V.L. Nunthara from Mizoram The neighbor kids engrossed with their games | Photo captured by Nunthara


‘Our Goal is to Make Our Guests Feel at Home in Our Homestay” – a Chat with Daisy Fanai, of ‘The Camellia’ in Mizoram

‘The Camellia’ is a lovely homestay located at Chaltlang in Aizawl, Mizoram. It was launched just recently and we chatted with the manager, Daisy Fanai to get more details about the place. “The Camellia is really a family venture,” said Daisy. The piece of land where it is built was gifted to her mom by the grandfather who was the chief of Chaltlang. It was Daisy’s late grandmother’s favourite flower – the camellia and that’s how the name was formed. Their aim is to welcome every customer with utmost kindness and hospitality. Let’s find out everything about this cozy homestay! We had a chat with Daisy Finai, manager of her family’s Airbnb, ‘The Camellia’ to get more details about the place, it’s specialties, services, etc! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hello! My name is Daisy Fanai and first of all I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity. I’m from Mizoram and currently living here in Aizawl. I did most of my schooling in Calcutta and New Delhi. I studied English Hons …


“Taking Peaceful and Happy Photographs Healed My Depression” – Radiographer and Hobby Photographer R K Vanlaldinpuia From Mizoram

It’s rare but all the more fulfilling when our hobbies turn into a passion. Meet R.K. Vanlaldinpuia, a radiographer by profession, whose love for art and capturing moments led him to take on the camera and pursue photography. He used his hobby and passion as a tool to fight his depression. After going through all the hardships, he learns to face the world with positivity and wishes people to see hope through his photographs. Read on to get to know him better! We had a chat with R.K Vanlaldinpuia, a passionate photographer from Aizawl, Mizoram. He talks about his inspirations, how he finds time for his hobby while working full-time as a radiographer. Hello, RK! Please share a little about yourself with our readers. My name is R.K. Vanlaldinpuia and my friends call me RK or Puia, whichever one you prefer. I’m 26-years-young and right now I’m in Chawngte, Kamalanagar; if you search for the name in Google map you’ll find that it’s on the western border of Mizoram, closer to Bangladesh than Aizawl. I …


“We Are Passionate About Promoting And Nurturing Local Talents In Mizoram” – A Chat With Joshua Sailo And Matthew Sailo – Founders Of “The Warehouse Cafe”, Aizawl

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. It requires passion and commitment. Today, we have the creative duo – brothers Joshua Sailo and Matthew Sailo from Mizoram – founders of “The Warehouse Cafe,” which is not only known for its good food but also popular around the town for its exciting local events – from live shows, and open mic to art exhibitions, games and more. The brothers, having educated abroad, and now back home in Mizoram with a deeper sense of what home is, this cafe project is one that is close to their hearts. They aim to bring the best of influences from the western world through their own experiences, and couple that with their passion to promote local talents, and use this cafe to create a lively place to bring the talented local folks together and give them a platform to shine. Let’s chat with Joshua Sailo and Matthew Sailo from Mizoram -founders of “The Warehouse Cafe” to knkw more about them, their story, their cafe and more. Hello …


“Our Music Is Inspired By Daily Things That Are Popular With The Young People Around Us” – A Chat With Band Member Kijo Of Indie Band “Flowerpot” From Mizoram

With so many unique talents popping up in the music industry from all corners, we wonder just how much extra effort these artists need to make to stand out and find their audience. On that thought, we came across this very interesting indie band from this corner of North East India – “Flowerpot” from Mizoram. What caught our attention was their interesting pop of flavour in their music and how they were able to connect with an eclectic crowd of young music lovers from all over. They take inspirations from things around them that are topics of discussion among young people, and make brilliant music out of them. “Our music is inspired by random subjects. For instance, our song ‘Instagram’ was inspired by how teens these days are falling in love on social media.” Hmn.Interesting. Let’s find out more! We catch up with band member Kijo to know more about their band, their music, latest projects and more. Hello Kijo! Please introduce us to your band and tell us how did it all start. ‘Flowerpot’ is …


Meet 17-Year-Old Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhring – Student, Singer Songwriter And Rising Star Of Mizoram

She sings, she raps, she plays basketball and she write songs! Presenting to you a very talented, young and dynamic artist Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhrong from Aizawl, Mizoram. Growing up with music as a part of her life, this passionate singer is enthralling her fans on social media with her powerful and beautiful voice. Let’s find out more and get to know her better! We had a quick chat with Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhring, a rising star from Mizoram to know how she got started, her future aspiration and more. Hello Nancy, please introduce yourself. My full name is Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhring, originally from Aizawl, Mizoram and Nancy Kiko is my stage name. I’m the type of person who takes advice from anyone who has music experience in their life and I’m quite sensitive seeing hate comments about me because I tend take things a little too seriously. I’m now in my 10th grade, ready to face the board examination so juggling my studies and music is a little bit hard for me at the moment. Nancy performing on stage …


“Our Songs are Inspired By Our Real-Life Experiences – and Sometimes from Our Imagined Reality” – Meet Indie Band “Jenny and the Cinematics” from Mizoram

  Raise your hands if you have already been introduced to the unique local musical talents from Mizoram – and is already a fan. One right here! A thing that we really admire about musicians from Mizoram is the way they tastefully mix their local dialects with the most trending tempo and mood. This, we think, is what makes their music stand out from the crowd – and at the same time, makes them even more relatable. Today, we have the charismatic duo: Jajah Fanai and Naom Chhangte from the Indie band “Jenny and the Cinematics” from Aizawl, Mizoram. Dreamy and pleasing as their music, the duo is here to introduce us to their music and give us a taste of their latest music video “I Sulhnu” and more. “The name ‘Jenny and the Cinematics’ is our version of “Alice in Wonderland.” Here, a small town kid (Jenny) goes to the cinema for the first time and is left in awe and fascination by this cinematic experience of hers.” Meet band members Jajah Fanai and Naom Chhangte from the …


Talented Hairstylist Joseph Hauzel from Mizoram Wants Us To Be Inspired by His Colourful Work and His Story!

“Follow your dreams” – is a saying we’re all too familiar with. No matter how small or big, it is much easier said than done. It takes courage to take that leap towards commiting to develop the passion that drives each one of us to achieving our dreams. When Joseph Hauzel from Mizoram decided to take the plunge and chase after a career in hairstyling, all he had was a good senses of self belief. He listened then and now continues to listen to his intuition and stays positive when criticisms do not come gently. He used it as a tool to work harder for his own personal growth. Joseph is an inspiration and a living example for all of us to follow our hearts no matter what our circumstances. Today, we are happy to feature Joseph Hauzel who is a professional hairstylist from Mizoram. He talks about the hardships he went through while starting off in the industry, what made him follow his dreams and how he’s steadily risen to the top. Hello Joseph! …

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Faces | Mizo Ladies Wearing Traditional “Puan” Wraparound Skirt to a Wedding in Aizawl

“This photo was taken before we headed off to a friend’s wedding in Aizawl, Mizoram. We absolutely love dressing up for weddings, especially in our traditional attire. In the picture, we are wearing “Puan,” which is a traditional Mizo wrap-around skirt, usually handwoven by local weavers. Nowadays, there are many designs and patterns available, so it’s exciting to explore the options. We paired the Puan with formal tops. The tops we are wearing in the photo were designed and made by my best friend and fashion designer, Rini Hlondo (standing on the left, wearing a mint green Puan). The Puan I’m wearing is by Chawndeng Handloom😊” ~ Rebecca Lalthanpuii, Founder of Lush Contouring, Beauty clinic specializing in microblading and lash extensions. Rebecca Lalthanpuii (on the right), founder of Lush Contouring, posing with her designer friend Rini Hlondo (on the left), owner of the Rini Hlondo label.