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“Our Music Is Inspired By Daily Things That Are Popular With The Young People Around Us” – A Chat With Band Member Kijo Of Indie Band “Flowerpot” From Mizoram

With so many unique talents popping up in the music industry from all corners, we wonder just how much extra effort these artists need to make to stand out and find their audience. On that thought, we came across this very interesting indie band from this corner of North East India – “Flowerpot” from Mizoram.

What caught our attention was their interesting pop of flavour in their music and how they were able to connect with an eclectic crowd of young music lovers from all over. They take inspirations from things around them that are topics of discussion among young people, and make brilliant music out of them. “Our music is inspired by random subjects. For instance, our song ‘Instagram’ was inspired by how teens these days are falling in love on social media.” Hmn.Interesting. Let’s find out more!

We catch up with band member Kijo to know more about their band, their music, latest projects and more.


“Flowerpot”, Indie band from Mizoram (L-R) Kijo(drummer), Papari (front woman) and R-a(guitarist and singer).

  • Hello Kijo! Please introduce us to your band and tell us how did it all start.

‘Flowerpot’ is a band made up of three members namely – Papari , R-a and Kijo. We are all from Aizawl, Mizoram and currently, we are working on a new music video.

The band started as a project band under Screenfarm Productions after which, we became a full time band.

“Flowerpot” performing gig at a local cafe in Mizoram.


“Flowerpot” performing gig at a local cafe in Mizoram.

  • How did you come up with the band name and what’s your inspiration behind your music?

The name ‘flowerpot’ was initially supposed to be the title of the song sang by R-a, which was later changed to Flower. So, we took the name and used it as a band name instead of using it for a song title.

Our music is inspired by random subjects. For instance, our song ‘ Instagram’ was inspired by how teens these days are falling  in love on social media.

A short clip of the song, “Flower” by “Flowerpot”

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  • Are you guys into music, full-time?

Papari, our front woman is still in high school whereas R-a, guitarist and singer is doing music full time. And as for me, Kijo, I work at screenfarm productions.

  • What do you hope people take away from your music?

When people listens to our music during their times of sadness or loneliness, we hope that our songs could bring a smile on their face and help them get through the hard times. Also, we hope our music could be with them in their happy times too.

“Flowerpot” performing LIVE at Baybery Studio, Mizoram.


“Flowerpot” performing LIVE at Baybery Studio, Mizoram.

  • Tell us about your upcoming project.

Right now we are preparing a new music video “Lovely Complex”. We don’t have any solid plans for the future yet, but we are looking forward on releasing another single this summer and maybe work on an EP or an album.

So stay tuned for more music from “Flowerpot” on Screenfarm prodcution’s Youtube channel!! Also follow them on Instagram. Here’s Flowerpot’s music video of their single “Instagram (I’m in love)”.

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