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She Paints, She Crafts, and She Makes Funny Comics. Meet Jung Jathy from Nagaland

Interview by Kumti. Todayโ€™s guest is someone I have known since 2017. I met her while working on a festival project. A quiet and shy girl, and one of the most creative individuals – with excellent work ethic! She finally launched her own Insta art account called ‘Creatif by Jungjathy’ where she showcases her collection of creations – sketches in various formats, miniatures (one of my favs!), webtoons, idol/band illustrations, and more. I would like to introduce Imnajungla Jathy, or Jungjung – as most of us would like to call her. I have always been a distant admirer of her work ethic and creativity – and I, for sure would certainly trust her blindly if I needed help with any creative project. It was thus a pleasure to sit down with her today to chat about her work and more. Kumti: Hi Jung, please introduce yourself. Jung Jathy: Hi R&L fam, my name is Imnajungla Jathy, born and brought up in Kohima. An introverted extrovert who loves art, DIYs, designing, and anything arty-crafty. I am …


Meet Diana Sanasam, Self-Taught Sketch Artist From Imphal, Manipur

โ€œBefore I knew ABCD…XYZ, I was drawing apples and everything I could drawโ€, says Diana Sanasam. Hailing from Imphal, she spent her childhood trying to sketch the images she saw in children’s books and has never lost touch with it since then! Working as an assistant manager, she comes home to work on a few sketches to relieve her stress and that is how she keeps improving and gaining more love for sketching. We had a talk with Diana as she tells us what inspired her and how she honed her skill of sketching. Hi Diana. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am Diana Sanasam from Imphal, Manipur. I am the eldest and only daughter of three siblings. I love travelling and sports. And sometimes I SKETCH. I did my engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Chennai and completed my post-graduation from Anna University, Chennai. Introduce us to your work. What got you started? I am self-taught and I mostly sketch portraits using graphite medium. But I am eager to explore other mediums and digital art …


Meet Nori Norbhu, A Self-Taught Illustrator And Graphic Designer From Darjeeling

Hailing from Darjeeling, Nori Norbhu is a talented graphic designer and illustrator based in Mumbai, who has been making a mark in the world of art with her digital illustrations. Her stunning artwork is a treat for art lovers and reflects her deep connection with art since her childhood days. Nori is a self-taught artist who followed her passion and turned it into a profession. Currently, she works as a senior graphic designer with an advertising agency in Mumbai. We spoke to Nori about her work, her inspiration, and her ongoing projects. Read on to find out more about Nori and her creative journey. We had a chat with Nori Norbhu from Darjeeling, an illustrator and graphic designer who is based out of Mumbai to talk about her work and more! Hello Nori, good to have you with us! Please tell us a little about yourself. Hi, I’m Nori Norbhu, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Mumbai. When I’m not sipping on tea, I’m usually lost in the world of art and design. I …