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She Paints, She Crafts, and She Makes Funny Comics. Meet Jung Jathy from Nagaland

Interview by Kumti.

Todayโ€™s guest is someone I have known since 2017. I met her while working on a festival project. A quiet and shy girl, and one of the most creative individuals – with excellent work ethic! She finally launched her own Insta art account called ‘Creatif by Jungjathy’ where she showcases her collection of creations – sketches in various formats, miniatures (one of my favs!), webtoons, idol/band illustrations, and more.

I would like to introduce Imnajungla Jathy, or Jungjung – as most of us would like to call her. I have always been a distant admirer of her work ethic and creativity – and I, for sure would certainly trust her blindly if I needed help with any creative project. It was thus a pleasure to sit down with her today to chat about her work and more.

Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy

Jung Jathy – Creator of ‘Creatif by Jungjathy’

  • Kumti: Hi Jung, please introduce yourself.

Jung Jathy: Hi R&L fam, my name is Imnajungla Jathy, born and brought up in Kohima. An introverted extrovert who loves art, DIYs, designing, and anything arty-crafty. I am a graphic designer by profession. I have a degree in Visual fx and animation from Arena Animation Academy, Bangalore. And I always start my day with a hot cup of green tea ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kumti: How would your friends describe you?

Jung Jathy: Since I don’t talk much (introverted me:D), I spend all that reserved energy to think & create/draw something cool [LOL]. Most of my friends know me as creative, calculated, humble, dedicated, and someone who sees through any work to the end.

  • Kumti: I have always known you as this creative quiet girl. How did this journey start for you?

Jung Jathy: Art and creativity is something that has always been with me ever since I was a child and it was something I grew up with but I took the big leap after my 12th standard. I take inspiration from a lot of things happening in and around me. And of course, the internet is another major source .. watching people design, making all sorts of creative artwork come to life is very intriguing to me.

I donโ€™t actually remember how it started but I had always loved art and SUPW classes during my school days and decided to take the path of following my dream of being a Graphic Designer after I passed out from secondary school.

Reminiscing about life before the pandemic | By Jung Jathy

Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy2

Reminiscing about life before the pandemic | Illustration by Jung Jathy.

The famous Cathedral of Kohima | Sketch by Jung Jathy

Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy2

The famous Cathedral of Kohima | Sketch by Jung Jathy

  • Kumti: You work on so many types of creative projects. What was your first work?

Jung Jathy: I initially started with digital artwork since I was still pursuing my degree (in graphic design). It was a fan art that was given as a gift to Dabit and Hayana (K-POP stars) when they were visiting India. Since then, I have been drawing as a hobby apart from my professional work at that time, which was mostly designing and making explainer videos.

  • Kumti: And what kind of projects are you working on these days? Do you sell them as well?

Jung Jathy: Well, you can see all of it on my Instagram account and Youtube channel. I put up all my work there. You will see sketches, band/idol stickers, and also lots of handmade crafts like miniatures, page markers, some woodwork.. And yes, I do sell some of my stuff. I take custom commission work as well.

Handmade fridge magnets by Jung Jathy

Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy2

Handmade page markers by Jung Jathy

Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy2

Handmade page markers by Jung Jathy

People in Kohima during Summers” Illustration by Jung Jathy

Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy2

Comic illustration by Jung Jathy

  • Kumti: Whatโ€™s the first piece of advice that you have received?

Jung Jathy: First advice would be the one from my parents when I left home to pursue my degree studies. My parents told me to always stay motivated and determined, and most importantly to be sincere in whatever I do.

  • Kumti: We know that you are a K-pop /K-drama fan, any interesting movies/series you recommend? any other recos?

Jung Jathy: I am currently watching hospital playlist season 2 on Netflix and yes, you got that right ๐Ÿ˜› I am a huge fan of K-dramas! My Netflix is filled with Kdrama movies and TV Shows. Along with the usual K-Pop favs on my playlist, I love listening to old songs. I also enjoy listening to crime and murder podcasts and watching crime documentaries.

  • Kumti: Lastly, please share how you deal with a bad day.

Jung Jathy: When Iโ€™m having a bad day, I listen to music/ podcasts, watch Korean reality shows or watch GOT7 video clips to lighten up my mood.

“In Nagaland, you go to someone’s house, the first thing they ask you is if you want a cup of tea. If you say no, they’ll ask you if you’re sure. If you say you’re sure, they’ll say they were going to have tea anyway, and it’s no trouble fixing you a cup. If you say no to that again, they’ll ask you if you’re sure and then you’ll go through the whole thing all over again until you both end up in the kitchen drinking tea and chatting.” – By Jung Jathy

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Rootsandleisure_Jung Jathy2

Bonding over tea | Illustration by Jung Jathy.



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