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A Chat with Thai Entrepreneurs in Nagaland | Meet the Owners of Bangkok Cafe

Meandering through the lovely streets of Nagaland will land you in the most charming cafes. But beautiful interiors and cosy nooks aside, is it just us or have cafes stopped reinventing their menus of late? Imagine our surprise then when we discovered that Bangkok Cafe in Dimapur, claimed to offer an authentic taste of Thailand – right here in Nagaland. And the best part? It wasn’t a lie! It’s most likely because the owners are from Thailand. Let’s find out how they landed in Nagaland, and their journey thus far. Coming all the way from Thailand, what made you open up a cafe in Nagaland? North eastern Indians are very similar to the Thais in terms of lifestyle and cuisine. Therefore, we intended to expand and share our Thai cultures here in Nagaland and Assam as well. Our next step will be another Bangkok Café & Cuisine in Guwahati, preparations for which are underway. Our first outlet was launched in Dimapur almost four years ago, where we introduced our wedding gown and fashion dresses. And coming back to …