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Meet the Owners of Bangkok Cafe Dimapur – a Chat with the Thai Entrepreneurs in Nagaland

Meandering through the lovely streets of Nagaland will land you in the most charming cafes. But beautiful interiors and cozy nooks aside, is it just us, or have cafes stopped reinventing their menus of late? Imagine our surprise then when we discovered that ‘Bangkok Cafe’ in Dimapur offers an authentic taste of Thailand – right here in Nagaland!

We soon discovered that the cafe owners are from Thailand,  residing in Nagaland. Let’s find out how they landed in Nagaland, and more about what’s on the menu of this famous Thai cafe in Dimapur.  


Photo | Bangkok Cafe in Nagaland

  • Coming all the way from Thailand, what made you open up a cafe in Nagaland?
  • What challenges did you face as a Thai entrepreneur here in India?

The biggest challenge is sourcing. Be it for raw materials like some special Thai ingredients or for important resources like our Thai chefs. We had to bring in all Thai ingredients and our chefs from Thailand to adhere to the pure authentic Thai taste that defines our brand. That is the biggest chunk of our operating costs.

  • What’s so special and unique about Bangkok cafe?

The way we look at it, Thai food is purely a combination between art and science. Therefore, we feel that it’s kinda impossible that a non-Thai can cook real Thai food.

“The Thai food we serve here in Dimapur will be exactly the same as the food one gets served in Thailand. We help our patrons experience Thai culture through our interiors, presentation and especially the taste of pure Thai authentic food. However, we are trying very hard to keep the price as low as possible.”


Bangkok Cafe, Nagaland

We also offer a Karaoke system with the best sound system you can find in Nagaland.  Karaoke is an important part of the Thai culture and is a popular form of entertainment in most Asian countries. This 1000 sqft room can be used to host private parties or other celebrations.

Bangkok Cafe, Nagaland

Bangkok Cafe, Nagaland

Kumti’s verdict:

“The food is refreshing and doesn’t disappoint – especially loved the presentation. We enjoyed the comfortable seating, and the lovely view  from the wide windows. Interesting bunch of people and such a quiet – yet lively place.”

Bangkok Cafe
CBZZ Complex, 4th Floor,
Near Green Park Junchion,
5th Mile, Dimapur,Nagaland

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