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Recipe | Beef Hide with Axone

Smoked beef hide (skin) is another ingredient that is relished n Nagaland. Today, our recipe contributor Kesang will guide us on how to make a spicy treat using beef hide and axone.ย Kesang believes that the spicier, the better (think FOUR King chili hot!) for an unforgettable taste experience! Your taste buds are in for a treat! Make sure you try this recipe and let us know how much you liked it!ย  Beef with Axone and King Chilli Ingredients : 250 grams of Buffalo/ Beef Skin 4 pieces of King Chilli Cooking Oil Salt to taste 200 grams of Axone (fermented Soya Bean) 12 Garlic Cloves Directions to cook : First, clean the buffalo skin thoroughly and pressurize in the cooker for about 3-4 whistles. After pressurizing it, cut it into small pieces. Next, grind the garlic and king chilies together to make it into a semi-paste. Then, heat 5 tbsp of refined oil in a skillet/pan. Add in garlic and chili paste with salt and fry it for 2 minutes till the raw smell fades …