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A Very Basic and Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe by Eyingbeni from Nagaland

We recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with our old school friend, Eyingbeni, who now resides in Ireland. We had a lovely conversation discussing her experiences in a foreign land, her thrilling travel adventures, and her delightful homemade dishes. You can find the full chat [Here]. She also generously shared her beloved chocolate cake recipe named ‘Mr. Theolove,’ inspired by her adorable pet. Trust us, this recipe is a must-try! Give it a go and enjoy the deliciousness! “I am sharing a simple chocolate cake recipe which is very basic and easy to make… I have named this cake Mr Theolove๐Ÿ˜Š. Hoping that you will give it a try and welcome the New Year sharing a freshly home-baked cake with your loved ones.” ~ Eying Ingredients: Self-rising flour (substitute with normal flour):ย  200g Unsalted Butter (substitute with normal butter): 200g softened Caster sugar (brown sugar optional):200g 4 large eggs 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1tsp baking powder ยฝ tsp vanilla extract 2tbs milk ยฝ tsp nutmeg powder (optional) ยฝ tsp cinnamon powder (optional) Directions to make: …

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We Chat with an Old Schoolfriend from Nagaland – Eyingbeni, to Get a Glimpse ofHer Life and Work in Ireland

Ah, 2020, it was quite a year, wasn’t it? In its own peculiar way, it provided a much-needed pause for many of us. It gave us the precious opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, rediscover our hobbies and passions, and even reconnect with old friends. Speaking of which, one fine evening, we had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend from school, Eyingbeni, who now resides in Ireland. She’s someone who has traversed the globe through her work, and we’ve always been fascinated by her laid-back yet fulfilling life. We decided to have a chat with her to delve deeper into her experiences in a foreign land, her exciting travel adventures, and of course, her amazing food account @foodnotic, where she occasionally treats us to her delightful homemade creations. Hello Eying, so nice to be finally having this chat. Please introduce yourself to our readers ๐Ÿ™‚ Eying: Hi everybody, itโ€™s a pleasure to e-meet you and I hope you have all been keeping well. What an incredible year 2020 was. What a year it …