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This Petite Illustrator from Nagaland is Cracking People Up With Her Local Humor | Meet Lanu Tsudir – Creator of ‘The Midget’

  In the world of memes and Instagram reels, we found our little solace in Lanu’s Instagram page  “the______midget”, a page we discovered when someone from twitter shared her work. Not very long after that, we caught hold of her on Instagram and got chatting away but most of all who know her already will agree with us that her work is a dose of happiness and will leave you reminiscing about the bygone days and very ‘current mood’ instances. So, here we are, join us and get to know Lanu better.  We hope you enjoy scrolling through her work as much as we did. Meet Lanu Tsüdir, 28-year-old doodle artist from Kohima, Nagaland. With a Masters’s degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi, and taking a break at home in Nagaland, she is making her presence known during this quarantine through her webcomic ‘The Midget’ filled with unique local humor. We had a chat with her to know more about this awesome artist! Doodle artist Lanu Tsüdir from Nagaland Hello Lanu, please …


Meet 26-Year-Old Sushmita Rao, a Doodler and a Comic Artist from Mumbai

Today, we have an artist Sushmita Rao, 26-year-old from Mumbai who doodles whenever she gets free time or off from work. Her illustrations are mostly based on her everyday life and experiences – which is what makes it relatable and fun for even her audience. For Sushmita, art plays an important role in cheering her up and motivating her when she’s having a rough day. Currently, she juggles between her full-time job and her art, and makes sure that her followers get a cheery artwork from her everyday!  We had a chat with Sushmita Rao, a doodler and a comic artist from Mumbai. She talks about her art, how she hopes to make people happy through her it and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Sushmita Rao, 26 years of age and I’m from Mumbai, India. You can call me a doodler or a comic artist, as I make comics based on my everyday life experiences. What got you started as a doodler and a comic artist? My life itself is a …