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Kavya Madappa from Bangalore, an Eco-warrior Creating Tree-free Paper at Bluecat paper

Kavya Madappa is from a hill station in Karnataka, Coorg. Growing up, she was always surrounded with nature – hills, rivers and fresh air. Her love for nature has inspired many of her ideas and revelations, one of them being Bluecat Paper – a venture that makes and sells tree-less paper. It uses various by-products and textile wastes like linen, flax, hemp, coffee husk, mulberry bark, and banana fiber to make creative products like notebooks, coasters and more.  With over 650 products, a few installations and an exhibition in Dubai, she has become an eco-warrior! We were amazed to know about her venture and how she is giving her best to make the world a better place! Scroll down to read our chat with her.  Hey Kavya, thank you for taking some time out to chat with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers!  Hi! My name is Kavya Madappa, I’m 41-year-old. I live in Bangalore even though I am originally from Coorg, Karnataka. My hometown is known as the Scotland of India, with green …


#FACES | Aswathy Krishna From Kerala Explores The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot In The Forest Hills Of Coorg, Karnataka

“It was a very pleasant morning following a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise in March at the Three Hills Farm House, 30km away from Madikeri City, Coorg. I was sitting with a cup of coffee outside the cottage which was built completely of wood, reading my book and enjoying the lovely view. Surrounded by the cool breeze, dreamy fog, the alluring forest view, those avacado and orange trees and small talks with my companion, the entire experience was an unexpected gift from Mother Nature. It was unforgettable!” “The farm house is situated in a no network zone of the village Bettathur in Karnataka. Coorg is the most beautiful tourist spot in the state and is at the border of Kerala. My ex-colleague, Chandan and I decided to go on an unplanned and sudden trip to get a break from the city life.” “I’m very happy to have found this heavenly place on Earth.” – Aswathy Krishna, Kerala.