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DJ Aloza, From Kohima, Talks About Her Journey As A Disc Jockey

DJ Aloza (formerly known as Zaza) was always into music, specially EDM and rap. This love translated into Deejaying, which she picked up back in 2013. Inspired by a fellow DJ, Aloza honed her skills and is on her way to make a mark in the music industry. She’s a full-time DJ now, hustling with a busy schedule. However, she took out time to chat with us about her profession and more.  Hey Aloza! Please introduce yourself. Hi, I’m Aloza (formerly know as Zaza). I am from Kohima but currently living in Dimapur. I did my studies from Mount Hermon School, Kohima and my college from Patkai Christian College. I am a full time DJ now. Tell us about your profession as a DJ! My genre is Bass House and Hip Hop. I also sing and rap. I’m a big fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and I always wanted to become a DJ. Here I am now! What inspired you to become a DJ? It was way back in 2013 when I met DJ …


Meet 23-Year-Old DJ Inavito From Nagaland aka ‘Jamie Shikhu’

As the saying goes by George Herbert, “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” Indeed! Today we have Inavito Achumi Shikhu, better known as, Jamie Shikhu, a young Music Producer & Disc Jockey from Nagaland, who is truly a testimony to the above statement!  Roots & Leisure had a chat with the 23-year-old DJ & music producer, Inavito Achumi Shikhu, from Nagaland  The young DJ started making music at the young age of 14. The journey began when he was presented with an iPad on his birthday on which he downloaded GarageBand (Apple’s Music Application). Like many already accomplished names in this business, this promising music icon-to-be had his humble beginnings. He started making Electro House music and the first thing he thought was that the music he was making ‘didn’t sound too bad at all’. Next thing, he downloaded FL Studio mobile version to make sure he …

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A Chat With Vitz Zhimo aka MOZZEY from Nagaland – Gifted EDM Producer Whose Feel-Good Tunes Have Already Travelled the World

  The many facets of music makes it possible for artists across genres and styles to reach listeners in their various moods. Today’s guest is our first electronic music artist to be introduced here. Vitz Zhimo a.k.a. MOZZEY, is a music producer, writer and a performing artist from Nagaland. Known for his feel-good music and host of interesting collabs – including the famous ‘Come With Me‘ with Virie and Zaza, his latest project is an EP called ‘Bedroom Stories‘ which features artists like Rochee and Tiger Darrow from New York, and Canadian Hip Hop artist City Fidelia. We chat with him to now more about him, his music and his latest projects. EDM artist, music producer, and writer Vitz Zhimo chats with R&L about his style of music, his creative philosophy and the influence of his family – especially his mother, on him choosing a musical career. Hi Vitz. Tell us about yourself and what you’ve been up to? Hey, my name is Vitolu (Vitz) Zhimomi. I write music as MOZZEY and also as NVYKO. I’m a …