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DJ Lil’ Bomb Talks About What Got Him Started as a DJ

Liden Longchari, famously known as DJ Lil’ Bomb, is an EDM DJ and Producer from Kohima, and was awarded as the Best Producer Nagaland Music Awards 2018. He has been performing in and around the northeast since 2015 in places such as the Hornbill Festival, NAJ Cosfest, WAF Music Festical MKG, AH1 Music Festival. Amidst his busy schedule, he took out time for a quick chat with R&L. We talk about how he got into music and what inspires him.

Read below for all the scoops.

Liden Longchari, best known as DJ Lil’ Bomb

  • Hi Liden. Please tell us something about yourself.

Hello! My name is Liden Longchari, people call me Little Bomb. I am from Kohima but I’m currently staying in Dimapur, as a DJ/Producer under Infinity Inc. Label.
I’ve been bouncing around doing gigs/shows and also producing music.

  • Introduce us to your work. What got you started?

I’m an EDM DJ and I also produce electronic music. I’ve always been  into electronic music. Back in 2014, when I came to know about a music festival known as Tomorrowland, the show/festival itself made a huge impact on me and inspired me alot.
And then, I started performing from 2015.

DJ Lil Bomb.

  • What do you do full time?

I’m a full time DJ and a producer now. I really want to thank my friend Sunep Oz, who was also a Singer, Producer and a DJ. He was the one to provide me with platforms/opportunities when I first started out and because of that, it made me of who I am today.

  • What is your creative philosophy?

I love to create beautiful melodies, and my main purpose is to spread LOVE, PEACE and UNITY through my music wherever I go.


DJ Lil Bomb at the Retro Town

  • Where do you take your inspirations from?

Most of the times, I get so inspired listening to Beautiful Melodies. So, a lot of DJ music producers like, Avicii, Alan Walker, Mike Perry, Griz, Party Favor, etc., inspire me alot.

  • What do you hope people take away from your music?

I just want to let people know that, no matter what music genre it is, Music is Music , and I strongly believe in the power of LOVE, PEACE and UNITY through music.


DJ Lil’ Bomb performing at the NAJ Cosfest 2017

  • Tell us about your latest project.

I’ve already released 6 of my originals in 2018, I did more live shows in 2019.
I’m currently working on my new music and also for some collaborations
with other artist. So, hoping I’ll be releasing more beautiful melodies in 2020.

For more details, visit his Instagram, FacebookYoutube, and Soundcloud

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