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A Chat With Yaoza From Manipur About His Travel Adventures

Every travel enthusiast that we meet inspires us to explore, take chances and get out of our comfort zone. Today, we have one such traveller, Yaoza from Manipur, who believes that there is no better teacher than experience, more so travel experience. For him, travel not only allows you to see beauty but also helps you become a better and more aware person. He has been living and working in Mumbai for over a decade and his work is taking him to places, yet he still backpacks and wanders to new destinations on his own. Scroll down to know more about his adventures and find out the places he has been to.  We had a chat with Yaoza from Manipur to talk about his travel experience to various places, his favorite destinations and to get some travel tips from him! Hi! Please introduce yourself. Hello! I’m Yaoza, originally from the northeastern part of India, a Tangkhul (tribe) from Manipur state. Now, I have been away from home for more than 15 years and currently settled …


“Passion to Learn About New Cultures, Planning and Saving up!” – Arenla from Nagaland Talks About Her Many Travels Around the World and How She Manages Her Travel Expenses As a Student

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” We have already heard enough of how travel and exploring new places are not only good for our physical wellbeing, but it can also do wonders for our mental and emotional health. To validate this, we’ve heard so many wonderful stories from travelers in the R&L community, who we admit, are having a ball and most importantly, have many wise words to share as well. So today, we have another young member, 24-year old Arenla from Nagaland to enlighten us all on why we should travel often, and also how to manage your expenses and travel planning. Currently a student in California, she talks about how her passion for learning about new cultures motivated her enough to take up a research study on intercultural communication, and how her love for travel compliments her interests and passions in so many ways. We chat with Arenla from Nagaland about her current life as a communications student in South Carolina, and shares some …


Mutual Respect over Visual Divides | Story of a Wooden Gate in Arunachal

“The gate that divides two Brokpa (Yak herders) territories. Just a simple wooden gate and no barbed wires or fences or whatsoever. Because mutual respect for ethics is what matters, and not visual divides” ~ Photo & caption by @thetravelling_pants “This picture was taken when trekking through the route used only by Brokpas (yak herders) of Lubrang- Naga-GG belt. The wooden gate that you see here (in the photo) is supposedly the border – a mark of divide between the Brokpa territories. There is no tension between the two places, just a customary mark. Beautiful to observe how mutual respect for ethics is what matters and not visual divides.”  Lubrang and Naga-GG are both small villages that comes under Dirang circle of West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh. This place is not known to any tourists yet, and it offers an exotic trek of about 2 and a half hours, probably 5 kms, give or take one. The trek route crosses some really breathtaking views. Green pastures and in them grazing mules, sheep and yaks, splendid alpine …