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Mutual Respect over Visual Divides | Story of a Wooden Gate in Arunachal

“The gate that divides two Brokpa (Yak herders) territories. Just a simple wooden gate and no barbed wires or fences or whatsoever. Because mutual respect for ethics is what matters, and not visual divides” ~ Photo & caption by @thetravelling_pants


Photo courtesy @thetravelling_pants | Traveller Lobsang Namgyal at the border of Lubrang and Naga GG belt in the West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh.

“This picture was taken when trekking through the route used only by Brokpas (yak herders) of Lubrang- Naga-GG belt. The wooden gate that you see here (in the photo) is supposedly the border – a mark of divide between the Brokpa territories. There is no tension between the two places, just a customary mark. Beautiful to observe how mutual respect for ethics is what matters and not visual divides.” 

Lubrang and Naga-GG are both small villages that comes under Dirang circle of West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh. This place is not known to any tourists yet, and it offers an exotic trek of about 2 and a half hours, probably 5 kms, give or take one. The trek route crosses some really breathtaking views. Green pastures and in them grazing mules, sheep and yaks, splendid alpine vegetation and little streams. Also cottages of Brokpa people (yak herders/nomads).

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