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From Googling “Career Options for Humanities Students” to Finding His Passion in Shoe Making – Meet Ahmed Dulla, Founder of the Famous Shoe Brand “Dulla” from Nepal

What do you do when you do not have a great academic record – but is willing to work hard to be successful? What are the career options available to you if you are a humanities student? If you are already familiar with these questions, then you will enjoy our chat with today’s guest, Ahmed Dulla – the famous shoe designer of the brand “Dulla Shoes” from Nepal. Ahmed Dulla talks about his journey, his brand and important life lessons he learnt along the way. “During my internship, my boss rejected all my designs saying they were worthless. I was not convinced, so I took the designs out of the dustbin and shared on social media. Within a few minutes, I started getting countless messages and comments from people asking if they were available for purchase and enquired about the price. I began to wonder why would these people show so much interest in a shoe that was thrashed (into the dustbin, literally!) by my boss just a few hours ago. That night I realized …