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Recipe of Galho – Yummy Rice Dish from Nagaland

In Naga households, no meal is complete without rice, whether it’s lunch or dinner, or any snack in between, like rice roti or the hugely popular ‘Galho.’ Galho is a savory mix of rice, vegetables, and various types of meat, originally created by the Angami Naga tribe and now a beloved local favorite. If you’re interested in trying it out, it’s a simple dish to make, with all the ingredients easily available in any Naga kitchen. So why not give it a go and add a taste of Naga cuisine to your palate? Ingredients: 200 gms Rice 500 gms of smoked Beef/Pork 1 tablespoon of Axone (Fermented Soybean) Chopped pumpkin/squash leaves (or any green leafy vegetable) Ground green chilies (qty according to your preferred heat level) 500 ml water (or more, as required) Salt to taste Directions to Cook : Put water, axone, and ground green chilies into a pot and cook it for 5 minutes. Add salt to taste. Next, add the smoked beef/porkย  (1/2″ cubes) into the pot and cook together for another …