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Recipe | Smoked Pork and Kidney Beans Salad

Today we chat up with restaurateur Elvis Khevito –  owner of Hornbill Cafe, Delhi. Lee is here to share with us the recipe of ‘Ki Baa’ – a favourite of his customers. Ki Paa | Kidney Beans salad with Smoked pork – an original recipe of the Khiamniungan tribe, Nagaland Ingredients : Handful Red kidney beans 5 gm Ginger 8-10 Green chilies Coriander leaves 8-10 Cooked Smoked pork Directions: First boil the kidney beans and set it aside. Then cut the cooked smoked pork into small pieces Ground the ginger and chop the chilies. Mix the smoked Pork, kidney beans,the grounded ginger and green chilly together along with some coriander leaves and salt to taste . Mix them well together and preheat them in a microwave at 180° for about 2 mins. Serve Warm.