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Meet These Self-Taught Jewelry Makers from Nagaland

Remember Aben of “Aben Jewellery” – one of our first guests on Roots and Leisure? Thanks to people like her who has inspired many to follow her footstep and take up jewelry-making as a serious hobby and eventually turning it into a full blown venture from home. Over the last 2 years, we have seen hundreds of people joining this creative force to produce new forms of art in the form of handmade jewellery. Today our contributor Tiaren profiles some of them to understand the motivation behind their creative journey – and to take a peek into their collection. “After talking to some of my friends who have taken up jewellery-making as a hobby, I realize that one of the main motivations is to turn their innate talent and interest in creative art, from a hobby to now a means of financial security. It’s super inspiring to see how these talented determined individuals are taking their passion to the world by nurturing their love of all things local – especially their aesthetics taste, which can range from eccentric to minimalistic to over the top! …


A Beady Conversation With Uma – The Creator of Hol-O-Beads

Ever thought how the jewelry made of beads are created? Ever thought of making them? Today, we introduce Uma Vaijnath – the Creator and Founder of Hol-O-Beads (@holo.bead) who shares her story on how she got hooked onto making wired jewelry. Her creative jewelry work on beads, threads and wires are something to look at. Here’s a quick conversation with Uma on how one trip inspired her to get into beading. Share a little details about yourself and what you have been up to? I’m Uma Vaijnath, Ex-Software Professional. Now I have turned to a Happy Homemaker since 2005 after my daughter Abha’s birth. What initially sparked your interest in this field? A visit to Dakshinachitra in May 2012. The trip literally sparked the interest in trying magazine paper jewelry and thread jewelry. At one of their stalls, a shop keeper showed how to do a thread jewelry, which I could easily do and the same person backed off to show a macrame based bracelet. “I bought that bracelet for Rs 40/- and took up …