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Rootsandleisure_standup comic from Northeast India

These Hilarious Folks from North East India are Bringing Comedy to Social Media

People who crack you up are the best kind of people, it turns any gloomy day bright and adds a dose of happiness to our otherwise dull day. Humor is something that needs appreciation and acknowledgment today more than ever. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making these videos and all for laughs. Be it dropping truth bombs in the 5-second reel or taking relatable situations to a whole new level of fun, local comic artists across the country are making the best of the social media platforms to find their own audience – and vice versa. Today, we chat with some super talented and hilarious folks from North East India whose unique humor isn’t just funny but also gives a very refreshing glimpse into their local ways of life. Meet the very talented Millo Sunka from Arunachal Pradesh – a genius comic who can bring out the hilarity of regular people from her hometown folks to Bangaloreans.Millo Sunka, Actor from Arunachal Pradesh   For all those who have watched the movie …