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Indie Folk Band Koloma from Tripura Releases their New EP ‘Chapmanliya’ – a Refreshing Mix of New Love and Nostalgia Wrapped in Folk Melodies

KOLOMA  from Tripura is back with some new music! Their EP titled “CHAPMANLIYA” Releasing today consists of 5 Songs and assures the listener some refreshing numbers with flavors across Indie and modern music Genres. Folk tunes remain the primary element throughout the whole EP. All the songs originals have composed and written in their native language “KOKBOROK”.  All songs from their latest EP are available for streaming on Spotify and iTunes. (details below) We had a quick chat with the band members about the release of their latest EP ‘Chapmanliya’ Congratulations on the release of your latest EP! What does ‘Chapmanliya’ mean? The word  ‘Chapmanliya’ translates to ‘confusion’/‘confused state of mind’ How long have you guys been working on this EP? Probably around Six (6) months. Yes, it is our pandemic baby 🙂 Recordin of ‘Chapmanliya’ in progress |Koloma, Tripura Koloma band | Chapmanliya recording session What were the theme, stories, influences that constantly kept the band inspired and motivated in creating this EP? Keeping to the band’s mission, our constant motivation remains the same …